Relax with Dax website improvements

I have done some work on the website over the past few weeks and am quite pleased with the results. I hope that they make your interaction with the site easier and more enjoyable.

I’ve added a poll to the sidebar which I will change every few weeks. Please take the time to vote, the more votes we have the more interesting the polls will be. If you have a suggestion for a poll topic, feel free to email me.

I’ve added a links page where I have listed my favourite links to other websites. There are not many links at the moment, I’m going for quality over quantity. I will keep adding new links as I find ones I like.  

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, so there is a new category for book reviews.

I’ve also added what’s called a ‘tag cloud’ to the sidebar (near the bottom). This links to which is a great ‘blog aggregator’. Basically, Amatomu takes the feeds from all SA blogs and allows you to browse/search (and much more) them in one place. The tag cloud shows what the most popular searches are currently, in other words, what everyone else is looking for/at.

The rss feeds are also working again at long last. And you should also have noticed that the banners change each time you load a page, so navigating around RWD is exciting, even if it’s just to see the next banner.

And don’t forget about the RWD Gallery. Check it regularly as I put up new pics often. Feel free to comment on any pics if you want.

Suggestions for the site are, as always, welcome.


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  1. walshie June 11, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Picasso Dax – I like it…