Recipe: Apple & Camembert Cake

So for those of you who have been waiting for the recipe I submitted to the Fairview competition, here it is. The voting has been open for a while now but I thought I would give the others a sporting chance before unleashing my readers in a voting frenzy (I’m too kind, I know).

So, check out the recipe, drool over the pictures and go vote for me.

Apple & Camembert Cake

1 roll Woolworths puff pastry
1 wheel Camembert cheese
250g Apple jam and caramelised apples
30g Walnuts
30g Soaked raisins
cake filling
2ea carmelized apple granny smith ( apple cooked in dry carmelised sugar and butter)

Sabayon fill or cake batter
9ea Egg Yolks
5ea Whole Eggs
200g Sugar

400g Cake Flour
50g Potato Starch

1. Make sayabon with yolks eggs and sugar cold
2. Fold in sifted potato starch and flour
3. Fold in carmelized apples and camembert cheese
4 Pour onto base mold over caramelized apples, camembert cheese, raisins

Base is thin rolled puff pastry trimmed large in tin so you can flap over edges
apple jam
camembert cheese
carmelised apples with walnuts mixed in
Sabayon cake filling as per above recipe
Folded over puff pastry
Egg wash
Puff pastry
Bake at 200 deg in a home oven until puffed and golden brown

What are you still doing here? Go and vote. Go!


2 responses to “Recipe: Apple & Camembert Cake”

  1. Looks great, Dax. Will certainly get my vote. i may just try one myself..

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