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Each role that we take on in our lives comes with responsibilities. That may be the role of a worker or an employer, a family member, a teacher, a driver, etc. Neglecting the responsibilities that come with each role will not only be to the detriment of others, but to our own detriment in the long run. Just being an inhabitant of this earth comes with a responsibility to our environment. Neglect of that responsibility over time is now starting to cost each and every one of us.

That’s quite a heavy paragraph, this post is not actually about something as serious as the end of the world but as a blogger, I feel a sense of responsibility to the blogosphere and my fellow bloggers. Donn Edwards, a fellow blogger, recently posted about his unhappiness with the Quality Vacation Club because they called him and told him he had won a car and needed to come and collect his prize. He asked them if this was anything to do with timeshare and they said no. So he went and it was a timeshare presentation and there was no car to win.

I can understand why he was upset. I would be upset. I might also have blogged about it. Anyway, QVC is suing him for nearly half a million Rand. They say that his blog post has defamed them and caused them to lose income. He offered to remove the offending post but they were not interested, so he is going to court.

I don’t know about you, but I hope he goes to court and wins the case hands down. Everybody who has had any experience with timeshare companies hates them. What is great is that this story has spread like wildfire around the internet and now everyone knows about the underhanded tactics of the QVC. This court case has given them more negative exposure than Donn’s blog post ever could have.

A similar thing happened to McDonalds when they tried to sue 2 people for defamation. The resulting ‘McLibel’ case gave them more negative publicity than they could have ever imagined. Read more about that here


If you would like to help, pass this information on any way you can and join the Facebook group to show your support.

Read more about this ongoing saga here.


8 responses to “Quality Vacation Club – doing my bit”

  1. Yup, they need some perspective. QVC is hardly going to get any value for money pursuing Donn this way. Donn’s voice in fact was a soft one until they generated the fuss. Talk about unintended results!

  2. Tammy Brand

    Good Luck to Donn! these people are such hounds! Have had people like that phone me many times aswell lying. Its very annoying. Get another sales tactic man!

  3. We must tell everyone, when they phone you and tell you to come collect a prize… sound excited and say you will be there. Then don’t pitch. They HATE that.

    This will be our sweet revenge, spread the word.

  4. Tammy Brand


  5. The QVC did the same thing to my sister in law. They called her and told her that she had won a prize. She specifically asked if it was for timeshare. As in Don’s case they emphatically said not.

    We went for the so called “draw” and well it was for a timeshare presentation. My sister in law purchased the timeshare but subsequently could not get bookings whenever she tried. She even tried to book 2 years in advance without luck

    I hope Don wins and counter sues for all they have..

  6. Just to update everyone on this story:

    Don and the QVC settled out of court. Whilst we would all like to have seen these cheats get taught a lesson in court, it’s an expensive operation for one young guy to take on.

    Perhaps a class action suit would work, if we could get all the people who have been tricked to band together?

    In the mean time, just spread the word and hopefully no more people will fall for this trick.

  7. Justin

    I hope that Don insisted on being paid. He would have been able to get a lawyer on a contingency fee, heck, I would have done it for him 🙂

  8. Wessa


    I’m spreading the word.

    Wasn’t in time for me though. Been had!

    If anybody knows how I can get out of QVC, please let me know!!