Poll change, from water to recycling

In the last poll I asked how much bottled water vs tap water people drink. 46% said they are happy with either and 29% said they try to drink only tap water. The balance was split between people who drink only bottled water or don’t drink water at all.

Bottled water is a major problem in our world today. To get a mouthful of water from the source to your mouth takes a whole stream (pardon the pun) of processes which has an immense carbon footprint. Then after you have consumed the water, there is still the footprint of the plastic bottle.

Even if you remove the environment from the equation, bottled water is not very good for you. All sorts of weird things leech into the water from the plastic bottle and there is no quality control of the water so they could get it from anywhere and there could be anything in it. Tap water is quality controlled and is often ‘cleaner’ than bottled water.

Let’s not even start talking about the price of bottled water. If you are interested in reading more about why bottled water is the scourge of the earth, read my post The Scourge of Bottled Water.

The next poll is about recycling. We all know we should do it, but are we? I look forward to seeing the results of this poll.

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