OR Thambo

Domestic air travel is not my favourite way to pass time. One of the things that makes it a headache is dealing with the airports. Queues, inefficient staff, delayed flights, etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately I find myself flying fairly regulary, either for business or personal reasons.

Today I am flying back to Cape Town from Joburg and I’ve just had a stress free airport experience (so far), so I thought I’d share it with you. The main reason for the lack of stress is that I used the new computerised check-in kiosks. There were no queues and everything ran smoothly. I didn’t even need my booking code, I just put in my voyager number, it showed me my flight. I selected the flight and it printed my boarding pass!

I went through to the boarding area and booted up my laptop. The wi-fi internet connection is working great (allowing me to type this up) and my flight hasn’t been delayed yet. So all seems to be running smoothly.

Nice, soon I’ll be back in Cape Town.

UPDATE: So the flight departed as per schedule and there was no turbulence (I haven’t experienced turbulence in years). The only annoying thing was that the guy in front of me felt it was necessary to have his chair pushed back as far as it would go for the whole trip. Which meant the newspaper I was reading spent a lot of time in my mouth.

The landing was fine and my car appeared to be untouched when I reclaimed it from the parking. So all in all, a stress free flying experience for a change. Let’s hope it’s an indication of things to come.