Not the Midnight Mass review

The last show I went to at the Theatre on the Bay was the fantastic Ennio, which I enjoyed tremendously (and I believe Ennio is back again in a few months time). Last week I went to see Not the Midnight Mass which I have heard about a few times but never really knew much about. I checked out the show on the Theatre on the Bay website and it sounded pretty good.

The show was excellent. Not the Midnight Mass is an acappella group comprising 5 members. One of which is the very talented Amanda Tiffin whom I also saw in Now You Has Jazz a while back. They have been performing for 21 years now (not the same members the whole time) and it’s easy to see why they are still popular.

The singing is brilliant, some of the songs are enjoyable for their skillful rendition but others are entertaining because they have been modified with humorous lyrics or hilarious presentation. The songs are connected with short skits and repartee betwen the members.

An entertaining show, well worth the R90 or R125 the tickets cost. Not the Midnight Mass runs until the 24th of January, 2009. Tickets can be booked at