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Exactly 3 years ago I watched a documentary called The Bridget Jones Phenomenon in SA. It was about four women who were over 30 and still single, a common occurence these days. I wasn’t that impressed with the documentary as it seemed that the producer had already decided what the answers to the questions were and found people to fit the mould. If you want to read more, read my full review here. Modern relationships cannot be explained easily, they are a product of, and influenced by, many factors. It prompted me to pen (keyboard?) a post about relationships which caused a bit of a stir (read that here).

In conclusion to my review, I commented that we need a series that looks at the different issues around dating and relationships in South Africa.

It looks like I got my wish, sort of. A new TV series will be aired in October, called Man. It looks at the love lives of four Capetonian men over 13 episodes. I think it will be very interesting to see the man’s side for a change. Obviously spending some time with just four men will not answer every question, but it should provide some insights. They have selected two straight guys, one gay guy and a bisexual. Apparently it is also quite explicit, not in a porno way but in terms of showing what the guys are really like, warts and all.

Whatever happens, I’m sure it will stimulate some interesting conversation. If you’re interested in finding out more, here are some links:

The official website (with a trailer):

An interview with one of the guys and the producer:

Another blog post about the series:

The Twitter feed for the series:


3 responses to “New TV series about men in Cape Town”

  1. I got my hands on the first 8 episodes of MAN and boy (haha), did I have fun watching them. I definitely enjoyed it more because I know two of the guys who are featured as well as several of the girls with whom they interacted. However, I would have still have enjoyed it if that had not been the case.

    I was very impressed with the professional look of the show. The intro is cool, the music is fantastic (all SA bands) and the camera work/directing is also excellent. The episodes were not final cut, so there were a few issues with subtitles and sound, etc, but I’m sure that will be sorted out before it is aired.

    I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to give away, but basically each episode involves the guys going date ‘hunting’ and then going on the date and then ‘comparing notes’ afterwards. Obviously there are cameras all over the show during all of this so it can’t be 100% natural but despite this I thought it was actually a very good representation of how things are for guys (not only in CT?). They did not always manage to find dates (I can relate) and when they did, they often weren’t keen to see the girl again for various reasons (or vice versa – I can relate!).

    There were some hilarious scenes like the male grooming and the time they all tried to have a group date and do a fish braai on the beach and so totally embarrassed themselves by not knowing what they were doing (I can’t relate). I think girls will really enjoy watching this series and find it very interesting. It is definitely a window looking into the life of men in Cape Town. Sometimes the conversation is a bit crude, but even that is how it sometimes is in real life (can’t relate).

    What I like too, is the way they keep it interesting by making the guys go on dates to all sorts of different places in Cape Town. Horse riding, shooting range, jetskiing, skydiving and of course, various restaurants and parties around town (Relax with Dax was consulted for some venue suggestions).

    I really enjoyed watching the first 8 episodes, I must get hold of the rest!

  2. I went to the launch party for the series last night. It was a great event and well attended. It looks like the series is getting the attention it deserves.

    It appears that after several delays it will be airing on Friday evenings on SABC 3 at 9pm from the 22nd Jan 2010.