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MySchool – Where Does The Money Go?

If you have a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card or a Woolworths card that is linked to MySchool, you probably receive a monthly email which details how much qualifying spend you had for the month, how much money was contributed to your selected cause on your behalf and how much money was raised for that cause in total that month. The email also reveals how much was raised for all the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiaries in total, that month. I was initially shocked to learn that MySchool raises millions of Rands for its causes each month. In fact, over the last year it raised over R70m for a range of schools, charities and conservation organisations.

But where does all the money go? Here are some examples of organisations that receive donations from MySchool, and the amount they received last year, which is used for the running of the organisation and the positive activities in which they engage.

African Tails [R65,968.30]

African Tails was started in 2006 and strives to curb the over-population and suffering of abused and neglected township dogs. Working in the townships, African Tails not only rescues and re-homes neglected dogs but also provides treatment for injured and sick dogs. Sterilisation of dogs to reduce overpopulation is a core but expensive component of the programme and relies heavily on the contributions from MyPlanet. Educating communities about responsible animal care is also a very necessary part of the work that African Tails does.

Find out more about the work that African Tails does, and how you can assist them, at the African Tails website. But be warned, there are plenty of pics of cute dogs waiting to be adopted and lots of happy stories that might make you cry!

Durbanville Children’s Home [R38,034.95]

For more than 130 years, the Home has been caring for vulnerable children who have had no other place of safety.  There are currently 144 children resident at Durbanville Children’s Home, which supports all aspects of their well-being, development and education.  Funds raised by MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet cardholders are used to provide the children with school uniforms, shoes and stationery, as well as monthly toiletries.  A special project funded recently by the cardholders’ contributions was the making of stage costumes for the Home’s drumming project.  A group of the younger children involved in the project have become increasingly proficient in playing African drums and have started to perform at events.  However, they’ve only had their everyday clothes to wear on stage.  The Home used some of their MyVillage donations to buy material and a child care worker has now made them authentic African costumes that befit their drumming talents.  They are now looking towards their next performance with great excitement.

Learn more about this amazing place at the Durbanville Children’s Home website. R40,000 doesn’t go far when you’re looking after 144 children, so click the ‘what can you do’ tab on their website and consider giving them some extra assistance.

Durbanville childrens home

Cart Horse Protection Association [R92,929.62]

The CHPA is a Cape Town based animal welfare organisation with a mission to promote the welfare of working horses and donkeys in the Western Cape through service provision, legislation, education and training. The organisation offers cart horse owners affordable and accessible services to ensure the welfare of their horses, which are integral to their ability to generate income for their families.  Feed, professional farrier services, free veterinary care, and harness and cart repairs are all provided by CHPA.  In addition, education of the cart horse owners and drivers on how to properly care for working horses is a key component of their work.  CHPA inspectors enforce the provisions of the Animal Protection Act in cases of abuse and neglect, and the organisation also runs an adoption programme from their Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre.

Learn more about this important work at the Cart Horse Protection Association website.

cart horse protection association

Cotlands [R108,405.18]

I had not heard of this organisation, yet they operate in 5 provinces and have been around for 80 years! This non-profit early childhood development organisation provides children with effective, high impact health, psychosocial and early learning play based development opportunities to help them thrive. Serving vulnerable children aged birth to six in under-resourced communities, this organisation is playing a significant role in addressing the education and social crisis in South Africa.

Learn more about the programmes they run, and how you can support them, at the Cotlands website.


Remember that you can choose which beneficiary benefits when you swipe your MySchool card. If you would like to support any of these amazing organisations, simply log in at MySchool.co.za, click the ‘update your details’ button and follow the instructions. If you do not selected a beneficiary your contributions will go into a central fund and be allocated as needed.

Also, don’t forget that Woolworths is not the only MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet partner. Beneficiaries also benefit when you swipe at Loot.co.za, Waltons, Tafelberg Furnishers, Flight Centre and more.

If you don’t have a MySchool card yet, it’s easy and quick to apply for one at the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet website. It doesn’t cost you anything, but these amazing organisations appreciate every cent they get.

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