MySchool And Loot Partner To Benefit SA Charities

I’ve just received my monthly email from MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet which tells me how much money they raised last month in support of their schools and charities. If I asked you to guess, I don’t think you would come close. They raised just under R7m last month! That is a lot of money! Granted they do support a lot of worthy organisations, but still, R7m a month can really have an impact. The amazing thing is the money is donated on our behalf, we don’t actually have to give any money ourselves, all we have to do is swipe our MySchool card and the retailer will give a percentage of the sale to MySchool.

MySchool newsletter

The email also lists my transactions for which I used the MySchool card and the total amount that was raised for my chosen beneficiary last month. Most, if not all, of my transactions last month using the MySchool card were at Woolworths. But actually there are other partners, like Tafelberg Furnishers (did you know they have stores in Gauteng now?), Power24 (never run out of prepaid electricity again!) and Engen convenience stores. And now there is a new partner, online shopping site, offers customers a choice of over 10 million best price products in all sorts of categories. That’s a lot of products, even more products than Rands raised for charities by MySchool each month. It would be great if we could get everyone to use a MySchool card and increase the amount raised each month from R7m to R10m. Let’s spread the word and make this happen. Read on for all you need to know…


Loot is not a new online retailer. It has been around for many years and is one of SA’s top 5 online retailers. Loot offers a wide selection of products at competitive prices. Check the site daily for great deals and get free delivery on orders over R250. And now MySchool cardholders get a percentage of their spend donated to charity on their behalf. Did you get that? They will donate for you, you don’t have to do anything other than make your normal purchase and type in your MySchool card number.

About MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet

What started in 1997 as a sustainable way for parents to raise money for schools, has grown to become one of South Africa’s biggest community programmes. Cardholders have a portion (usually 1%) of their spend donated by the retailer whenever they swipe their MySchool card. The card is free and the donations cost the cardholder nothing so there is no reason why every single person should not have a card. If you don’t have a card, sign up for free here.

The programme initially supported schools but now also supports community programmes and environmental programmes. Cardholders can select their favourite beneficiary or let their contributions go into a central fund for distribution where needed. Select or change your beneficiary here.


About COP Trust

My beneficiary is the Community Outreach Programme Trust. They focus on helping creche’s in the township. They train the women who run the creches so that they start to understand about early childhood development and work to develop the kids in their care. COP Trust provides educational toys and material for the creches and they also help to upgrade the facilities. In addition the COP Trust provides food parcels where needed to ensure adequate nutrition. Early childhood development is so important and I really like that they are working to improve structures that are already in place rather than reinvent the wheel. They are a fully registered PBO and have a board or trustees, so everything is, um, above board! I have actually gone and done some work with the COP Trust and it’s very rewarding to see how appreciative the people are that have been assisted through the work of the Trust. Find out more at the COP Trust website.

About Everything Else

As part of the launch of the new partnership between Loot and MySchool and in celebration of Youth Day, and MySchool will be donating 2 300 Tutudesks to learners who don’t have desks at select under-resourced schools in Limpopo and Mpumalanga. These lap-desks are amazing and are having a huge impact on learners. Read more details about the Tutudesks here.


About Doing Your Bit

Make sure you have a MySchool card, then get your shopping on at I gave it a whirl and bought a couple of things. I was super excited to find that they sell coffee! I like good coffee but don’t like the mission of driving to the decent coffee purveyors to buy the beans. So when I spotted Tribe coffee on I was stoked, and at great prices too. R190 for 1kg of great coffee instead of about R250 for not great coffee from my local retailer. Winning! I also found a cool Philips shaver, apparently Philips are making the best body grooming products for men so I thought I would splash out. Hello ladies! 🙂

Finding things on the site was easy, the purchase process is painless and it was delivered quickly. Knowing a percentage has gone to charity, thanks to MySchool, means shopping at was an all round feel-good experience. Why don’t you give it a go?