Madame Zingara Tent of Dreams review

High expectations are a major problem because they invariably lead to disappointment. Every person I know who has been to the the Tent of Dreams told me that it was absolutely fantastic, so my expectations were very high. R300 plus drinks and tip is also a pretty expensive evening, so you want to feel that you’re getting your money’s worth too.

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As we walked into the Tent of Dreams, I was surprised at how big it is inside. It reminds me of Dr Who and his phonebooth. The place was full, it looked like about 500 people seated at tables around the central stage which was small and circular. We took possession of our complimentary drink and were shown to our table (there were 10 of us).

We ordered some drinks and were presented with a plate of hors ‘d oeuvres. While snacking on those we looked around and marvelled at the beautiful tent and the mystical ambiance created by the decor and the attire of the serving staff. Soon after that the first acts were performed. I’m not going to tell you what they acts were, but I am going to say that they are very professional. It’s not just some cheesy cabaret show. Every act kept our attention the whole way through and Irit Noble did a great job as MC.

After the first few acts, the starters came, spinach ravioli with a delicious creamy tomato sauce. Some more acts, then the main which was a choice between fish, chilli & chocolate steak, lamb shanks or the vegetarian option which was a polenta and vegetable bake. My main was nothing to write home about, but it was satisfactory. I had the steak but without the sauce as I find it too rich for me. That with the side of veggies was more than adequate. Some more acts and then dessert, which was awesome. A trio of small desserts, which were malva pudding, tiramisu and granadilla cheese cake. I would like my desserts served like that everywhere I go. You don’t need a huge dessert, just a little taste of sweet. Each of the 3 desserts were only 3 or 4 teaspoons full, but a lovely little end to the meal.

The acts ended, we danced a little. Paid the bill and left. What an amazing evening of fun and entertainment, everyone was very enthusiastic about the evening as we left. The Tent of Dreams is packing up and moving to Joburg at the end of July. I can’t recommend strongly enough that you make the effort to go before they leave. It’s really worth it.

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3 responses to “Madame Zingara Tent of Dreams review”

  1. Heya Relaxers,

    Went to Tent of Dreams in Joburg last week following the advice of oracle Dax and I can very happily tell you that it totally lived up to, no, exceeded what were fairly lofty expectations.

    Third to Kentridge’s Magic Flute and Cirque du Soleil in Vegas the experience of Madame Zingara qualified as the best I have ever seen. The food was delicious and the show was as delectable.

    You know with all the entertainment options available, past and present, it really does take a lot to test the boundaries and create magic. They have and they do. Becoming a Zingarian is an opportunity that should not be missed, by anyone who thinks, breathes and dreams…

    Cheers and thanks for ref Daxman…


  2. I went to the Tent of Dreams a second time the other night. Since returning from Joburg, they have changed the show quite a bit, but otherwise the experience was the same.

    Last time they had Irit Noble as the compere, which added quite a lot to the show, in my opinion. The acts were all impressive and captivating like the first time and the food was up to its usual standard.

    The second time does not have the same impact at the first, probably because one knows what to expect. I was happy that I went again, but at that price I don’t think I will go a third time.

  3. Hi Dax!

    Well, we’re back in Jozi 🙂 Will be here until October… Then we off to UK 🙂 xx