Half Price Sushi at Beluga

On Fridays, Beluga is running a special: Half price sushi and cocktails between 5pm and 7pm. They have 2 other specials which are available all the time: A sushi platter for R99 and 1kg of prawns for R99.

I have had both the R99 specials before (it’s actually a good meal for 2 people to share, sushi starter and prawn main, R198), but it wasn’t that great. The sushi was not so fresh and the prawns were over done.

However, things are different on a Friday evening. The place was completely packed, inside, outside, down the side, at the bar, everywhere. There are two upshots of the place being packed: One being that there is a great vibe, the other being that there is a high turnover of food which results in fresh sushi.

There were 9 of us and between us we ordered 4 platters, 3x R99 platters and 1x Salmon and Tuna platter (R159 /2). It was definitely enough and at about R50 per person, a great deal. It might have been an idea to lose one platter and replace it with the 1/2 Kg of prawns, that would have been quite nice.

So we drank cocktails, ate sushi and generally had a great time. I’ll be back, you should go.

Also, for those who are thinking they won’t want dinner that early, you can order just before 7pm and take your time over your food.

Normally I would link to my review of Beluga here, but they have changed owners and menu a couple of times since I last reviewed it so the review is out of date.


4 responses to “Half Price Sushi at Beluga”

  1. I’ve found out recently that the half price sushi special is actually every day until 7pm, not just fridays. They also have a bunch of other specials until 7pm, like burgers, thai curries and half price oysters.

  2. Also – sushi is half price on a sunday evening – for all sushi! They don’t seem to mention it anywhere but was there this last week and it was still on.

  3. That’s interesting and useful. Another thing I learned recently is that it is actually the whole Pacific Rim menu that is on special, so you can order duck spring rolls or tempura prawns or a bunch of other stuff at half price too.

    FYI, the tempura prawns have a very thick batter so they are very oily.

  4. I don’t usually order the Blue Plate special, even though it is good value. The reason is that I don’t like the ‘normal sushi’ like nigiri and california rolls, etc.

    However, the last time I was there I learnt that they have a new special plate called the Tasting Plate and this includes prawn tempura california rolls (my favourite), salmon roses (my other favourite), rainbow rolls, sashimi and salmon tartare california rolls (which were very nice).

    I think it cost about R110. Excellent value.