Jardine Bakery Review

I mentioned in the September newsletter that Jardine Restaurant had opened a bakery. I don’t often get a chance to try places in town which are only open in the week as I don’t work in town. However this week I had to get my passports renewed (Home Affairs wasn’t as bad as one might expect), so I visited the Jardine bakery on two consecutive mornings.

It was very different from what I expected. I had pictured a coffee shop with bakery attached but it’s more like the coffee counter at Giovanni’s in Greenpoint. The bakery is very small and the front is a counter which you access from the pavement. There are a couple of tables and chairs on the pavement for those wishing to consume their purchases there. It’s quite unusual but I like it. Because it’s a small bakery (or maybe there is another reason, I am just assuming) they produce certain things at certain times. So croissants come out first for the breakfast crowd (bacon, almond or plain) along with some other pastries and muffins. You can see them working on the breads while you are buying your coffee. The coffee is really good and is served with a biscuit, although I prefer the dark chocolate that Vida e Caffe provides with their coffee.

Sandwiches are available from about 10am (once the breads are ready). Apparently they are famous for their pies, which are available from about 12:30, making them a good lunch option (Knead at Wembley Square also makes great pies). I actually saw a Jardine stand at the Salt River market last week with pies on offer. Next time I will be sure to try one.

I enjoyed my little visits to town, our CBD really has character. It’s clean and has a nice vibe. Another reason to be proud of Cape Town.

Jardine Bakery
Cnr Bree and Bloem Streets
Tel: 021 424 5644


7 responses to “Jardine Bakery Review”

  1. Being a regular at Jardine’s Bakery, our office is around the corner, I can also tell you that their brownies (with lashings of white chocolate) and their apple pies are to die for. And yes, their coffee is very addictive. And what great staff. We return the cardboard take away coffee containers to help save the environment and Jayson gives us a discount on the coffee. Highly recommended.

  2. …And don’t forget the pork pies.
    Also, there’s a rye sourdough (I think it’s 60% rye) that’s worth queueing for.

    1. Yes! I finally tried the pork (belly) and apple sauce pie the other day and it is awesome.

  3. Seems like the bakery is better than their restaurant; I’ve eaten there last year, and it was the worst dinner I ever had in CT.

    1. I’ve only heard good things about Jardine restaurant. The only complaint has been that it is too expensive to eat there regularly. So I find it difficult to believe you have the worst meal ever there. Maybe you could elaborate for us?

  4. I love their brownies!!!!!!! Unfortunately I almost never get hold of them as they are always sold out. Its a bit of a tricky bakery to go to if you work eight to five and you don’t work in the city centre because of their operating hours.

  5. I must say, I’ve become a bit addicted to the bacon croissants. They wrap a rasher of bacon on the croissant before baking. Heavenly!