Hugo Chavez wins election in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez has many detractors and he certainly does some strange things but nobody can deny that he has done a lot to uplift the poor in his country. They have re-elected him for another 6 year term, much to America’s dismay I am sure. The article about the election on News24 had the following paragraph:

Chavez also has used Venezuela’s oil wealth to his political advantage. He has channelled oil profits toward multibillion-dollar programmes for the poor, including subsidised food, free university education and cash benefits for single mothers. He has also helped allies from Cuba to Bolivia with oil and petrodollars.

They are accusing him of using state funds for his ‘political advantage’ by uplifting the poor and providing food and education. What exactly would they like him to be spending the money on instead?

I personally think we could do with more like him.

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