How to end corruption



This news headline caught my eye the other day:

China sentences former food and drugs chief to death

Basically, he was found guilty of accepting bribes in return for expediting the approval of new drugs. Now he is going to die. I have a feeling that whoever replaces him as food and drugs chief is going to think long and hard before engaging in any corrupt dealings.

That got me to thinking. Our polititians are being exposed for corruption almost every day yet they don’t seem to face very (any?) harsh consequences. Maybe we should take a leaf from China’s book and put a few of them to death. I reckon that will soon put an end to corruption.


One response to “How to end corruption”

  1. Nigel

    No chance of that. The protocol here is apparently to carry the convicted corrupt official on one’s shoulders while singing songs of praise to the prison, and to let him out on weekends for the odd braai and catch-up with mates over a beer or two.