Greens review (Claremont)

I was meeting a friend for a catch up in Southern Suburbs a little while ago and it was a nice sunny day, so we wanted something with an al fresco section. Greens came to mind and we agreed to meet there. My experience at Greens was a careful balancing act as the warm sun and cold white wine relaxed me, the service took my stress levels back up. Trying to get the bill and pay it tipped the scales and I left in a foul mood. The food did not redeem the situation in any way.

The first thing that grabbed my attention on arrival at Greens was the state of the chairs (outside). I assume that it is due to them being stacked at the end of each day, but they are terribly scratched and dirt has made the scratch marks brown which looks terrible on white chairs. It automatically makes the place seemed tired. I arrived and waited five minutes without recieving any attention. I went inside and the waiters were having a a little fiesta in the corner of the bar. They were chatting away, seemingly oblivious to the fact that a) they were at work as waiters in a restaurant and b) that people were requiring their attention. I was so irritated I actually just shouted across the restaurant, which is not something I would normally do. I think I’ve identified a pet hate.

I managed to order some drinks but the service did not improve. Over the time I was there I had to go and find a waiter about three times, including when I needed the bill. It’s not like we were the only table outside, there were at least two others. I wasn’t very hungry, so I ordered the chicken Caesar salad (R64) which was ok, but nothing great. My partner ordered the bacon, brie and citrus marmalade sandwich (R44) which was also ok, not great.

The menu is quite broad, offering pizzas, salads, sandwiches, pasta and meat, fish and chicken dishes. The prices are not unreasonable with most options being under R80. The wine list is not extensive, with a few options of the various types of wine. We drank by the glass, Fat Bastard wooded chardonnay cost R35 per glass and Limestone Hill unwooded chardonnay cost R39 per glass.

I had a look inside when hunting for service and the place looks quite nice. Very modern with some funky elements, I could imagine on a busy evening it would be a good venue. I don’t know how busy it gets, and don’t plan to find out.

There are two other Greens restaurants, one in Constantia and another in Park Road, Gardens. Feedback on them has been mixed. I’ve eaten at the Park road one a couple of times and wasn’t impressed so haven’t been back.

So next time I need an al fresco option in the Southern Suburbs, I think I’ll go to Caveau. Any other suggestions?

Greens restaurant
Shop 1A, 25 Protea Road, Claremont
Tel: 021 674 515


5 responses to “Greens review (Claremont)”

  1. I agree, the waiters really have an attitude problem at the Claremont Greens.

  2. I ate there last month and the service also wasn’t good: waitresses were detachted and were cleaning and packing up around us noisily (even though it wasn’t late and we weren’t the last table). We were greeted at the door and seated straight away though. Had the brie and fig on toast, also ok, but not great. It was on normal bread, I like bread to be a bit special when eating out, not just something you can buy at the supermarket (but maybe thats just fussy)

  3. Dax,
    There’s also a Greens in Plattekloof (with much better service I might add!)

  4. had a bad experience at Claremont Greens about 6 months ago whereby the manager refused to acknowledge that a bottle of rose wine, which the waiter uncorked at the table and was definitely off, was indeed off. he refused to replace the bottle. horrible experience and aggression induced us to leave early and never go back.

  5. Had a horrific experience in Greens Claremont! The worst part was that it was one of my best friends going away party and I was desperate for everything to be perfect. The food was average and the service was possibly the worst I’ve had outside Observatory (which is expected). Greens Park Road is better but waiters also have nasty attitudes.