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The Food & Wine Bloggers Club started up a few months ago. Something useful for bloggers who want to learn from others, share what they know or simply meet other bloggers. The meetings happen monthly, the next one is July 28th (6:00pm – 8:00pm) at Café Max (126 Waterkant Street, in De Waterkant). I will let the PR blurb below tell you more and under that is the list of forthcoming speakers, note that I am presenting on the 22nd of September. Just saying 😉

The Food &Wine Bloggers’ Club was formed to reflect the escalating growth in, and exponential power of, food and wine blogs in forming opinion about food, restaurants and wines. This week, marketing guru, industry expert and international judge, WARWICK’S MIKE RATCLIFFE will speak about using platforms and the efficacy of each in the wine industry. He will be joined by the prolific foodie, writer and author (creator of Scrumptious blog) JANE-ANNE HOBBS RAYNER. Each of the two bloggers will talk for about half an hour about their blog, and what they have learnt about blogging. The Club promises to afford everyone from the novice to the highly experienced a voice, and an opportunity to learn from each other and to share their knowledge. A fun and interactive, stimulating and informal networking experience. Sip on delectable award-winning Warwick wine paired with canapes which pair favourably. The cost of attendance is R 150.

Other upcoming events include:

Wednesday 18 August: Sam Wilson of Food24 Blogs, and Rob Armstrong of Haut Espoir
Wednesday 22 September: Dax Villanueva of Relax-with-Dax Blog, and Hein Koegelenberg of La Motte & Hein Koegelenberg Blog
Wednesday 20 October: Clare Mack of Spill Blog, and Simon Back of Backsberg Blog
Wednesday 24 November: Emile Joubert of Wine Goggle Blog

For bookings, please contact:
Chris von Ulmenstein,
021 433-2100


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  1. You are a star Dax – many thanks.


  2. Thanks for the punt Dax. Hope to see you there.