Ennio review

I haven’t been to Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay for quite a long time. I went last night to watch Ennio and was reminded that it is a lovely little theatre. I do like it when you can take your drink in with you rather than having to down it when the ‘chimes’ go. I was starting to feel like Pavlov’s dog, wherever I am, every time I hear chimes I start downing my drink.

I was told about Ennio by a friend, which I was very happy about because he is only here for a few weeks and he might have slipped under my radar. Now I am telling you about the show, so it doesn’t slip under your radar. So I got a group of people together and went to see the show last night.

It’s really nice to see something fresh and original. I believe he has been doing the show for many years, but it was my first time and I have never seen anything like it. It was a very entertaining show, funny a lot of the time and the rest of the time just quite amazing. It’s a one man show, where he parodies many well known artists (mainly singers) some contemporary and others from previous decades. This is all done with the aid of costumes made out of paper. These costumes amazingly transform from one character to the next with a few swift, deft flicks and folds.

Ennio has a very expressive face, which he puts to good use in creating these ‘caricatures’ of famous people we all know. While the costumes are entertaining in themselves, the way he draws attention to characteristics and attributes of each person is very humorous. 

The choice of songs makes the show quite vibey, the audience found themselves clapping along to several of the tracks. When you walk out, you feel like you’ve been entertained. The show is very professional and polished (one advantage of seeing it after he’s done it for a few years), and it’s well worth the money just to see something original and creative.

You can read more about Ennio on his website www.enniomarchetto.com and check out a 5 minute video of his show here.

The show runs until the 5th of April 2008, tickets cost R200 and can be booked through the theatre box office (groups of 20 or more receive a discount).

Theatre on the Bay
1 Link Street, Camps Bay
Tel: 021 438 3301


2 responses to “Ennio review”

  1. Cath Emmanuel

    I thought ENIO was absolutely fantastic !! I’d definitely go again!

    Thank you Dax for organising the tickets!

  2. Very cleverly done! I enjoyed the music and was constantly wondering whether he used velcro..?? hmmmm !!
    Definitely recommend to watch Ennio at least once!