Electro Festival at Opium



On Saturday night I attended the Electro Festival at Opium. The line-up was: Coda, Iridium Project, Flash Republic and Goldfish.

You can’t really go wrong with a line-up like that. I have never seen Flash Republic live and hadn’t seen Iridium Project for a number of years either. All the acts were fantastic. An undeniable demonstration of the world-class music that Cape Town is producing at the moment.

The entertainment took place in the new section of Opium. It’s a nice addition to the club and helps to keep the place interesting. Unfortunately the section is not very open so the sound was quite intense, my ears were aching by the time I left. Also you could not hear the bands from the courtyard, which would have been nice.

I think that R100 per ticket was very reasonable for quality entertainment like that.