Screenings of ‘Simply Raw’ and ‘Escape from Suburbia’

I read a book called ‘Why food is better medicine than drugs‘ by Patrick Holford. I found the information in the book very interesting and enlightening. I have always doubted the pharmaceutical and supplement industries and this book showed me that my doubts were well founded. The book shows how some drugs achieve similar results to natural alternatives but have horrible side effects, yet people take the drugs because doctors prescribe them. He also looks at how new versions of drugs are brought out when the patent on the previous one expires even though there is no evidence of improved efficacy, just so we keep paying high prices.

One of the topics he touches on is diabetes. If this is a topic which interests you, you might want to attend the screening of Simply Raw on the 22nd Sept (08) at the Michael Oak Waldorf school in Kenilworth. This documentary looks at how 6 Americans with ‘incurable’ diabetes changed their diet and came off insulin. There is no charge, and donations will go to Safeage who are trying to raise funds for some important projects. For more info, call Peter Daniels on 021 786 4068 or

The second documentary to be screened later this month is ‘Escape from Suburbia‘ and it is about the prospect of a future without cheap oil. What will the effects be? How will it impact your life? What options do we have? With the price of oil recently hitting around $150 per barrel, this is an important question for everyone.

This screening will take place at the Labia on the 28th (8:15pm), 29th (6:15pm) and 30th (8:15pm) of September. Tickets are R20 and booking is recommended (021 424 5927). This is a While you were sleeping project. I have been to several of their screenings before and they are always well attended and there is normally interesting discussion afterwards.


2 responses to “Screenings of ‘Simply Raw’ and ‘Escape from Suburbia’”

  1. i’m a big believer in food being your medicine… over the last two years i’ve been eating organic food wherever possible in preference to mass-produced, pesticide and fertiliser infused varieties – and i am happier and healthier than i’ve ever been. a really good regular read, for anyone interested in improving their health naturally is the Natural Medicine magazine – there are well-written, very interesting articles every month.

    thanks for pointing out the while you were sleeping guys – i’ll definitely be joining their mailing list!

  2. Another reason why food is better medicine than drugs is that you can’t trust pharmaceutical companies, here’s an example of what I’m talking about:,48223.asp