Daily Deli review

If you ask a few people what their favourite breakfast spot is, Daily Deli will most likely be mentioned. I can see what the appeal is, although a passer by might not. I’m not sure how many people pass by the Daily Deli who weren’t on their way there in the first place. It’s a bit out of the way in Tamboerskloof, which itself is really an out of the way suburb. Hidden places have a way of becoming the local spot, which has happened in this case as many residents of Tamboerskloof frequent the Daily Deli for breakfast or lunch.

The Daily Deli is a tiny place, with a small shop section offering freshly baked goods like croissants, etc. The veranda boasts 2 or 3 tables and the rest of the tables are sprawled along the pavement. In fact, if you’re facing away from the Daily Deli, you’d have the distinct impression that you’re sitting at a table on the side of a random road. A novel feeling I guess, although thankfully, it’s a quiet road.

Service was friendly, but attentiveness might be a factor of how far along the pavement you find yourself sitting. The menu had some tasty options, but I went with the recommendation of the regular with whom I was dining. We ordered a Baby Monty (R34) each and washed it down  with coffee. My flat white (R12) was not the best but passable. The Baby Monty, however, was excellent. A slice of toast stacked with scrambled egg, bacon and avo. It was quite filling, leaving me glad I didn’t order the Full Monty!

The breakfast was good, it was a lovely day. We chatted, we enjoyed the sunshine and the ‘sidewalk cafe’ vibe. If someone invited me to join them for breakfast at the Daily Deli again, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Daily Deli
13 Brownlow Road, Tamboerskloof
Tel: 021 426 0250


3 responses to “Daily Deli review”

  1. 30 March 2010
    Found the Daily Deli a disaster compared to what it use to be 2+ years ago. Service was slow, “manageress” unfriendly and not attentive – more interested in her “HEAT” magazine during peak time lunch hour, than what’s happening in the kitchen.
    Waited 30+ minutes for a sandwich and a portion of lasagne to be heated.One either has to be self employed or not employed to risk going there for a lunch hour
    Really a pity!

  2. When I was there in 08 their pizza was the best I’ve EVER had!! Bacon , feta, avocado was my obsession.

  3. I wanted a quiet spot to sit for am hour and have lunch and do somework. I ordered the chicken and almost salad and was very dissapointed. It was literally dry chicken breast shredded with about half am almond that i had to search for covered in cheap mayo on a bed of outer lettuce leaves. Thats it. Very strange. However cute place with great potential.