Cullinan Hotel Room Review

Here’s my video review of the room at the Cullinan hotel. Overall the stay at the hotel was quite pleasant. I’ve always been a fan of the foyer at the Cullinan hotel and the breakfast buffet was pretty good.

My one complaint is that there is no internet access for guests. Even if you make the effort to go and use their business centre, you still have to pay for internet access. That is actually ridiculous in this day and age. I can assure you that a night at the Cullinan is not cheap, you can’t tell me that they can’t afford to give you 50MB per night of your stay? That would be enough to check emails and Facebook and one or two other things. I can understand an additional charge for those that want to use the internet extensively for business or entertainment. This is something I expect from a Road Lodge or Formula 1, not a Southern Sun hotel. Video after the link –>

Here is the link to the Cullinan Hotel website.