Crime & Corruption

This is my 3rd and hopefully my last rant. Crime is definitely getting worse, the only reason statistics might indicate that crime has improved is that people don’t bother reporting crimes anymore because the police don’t do anything about it. The sad thing is that most crime happens in the townships. The people who can’t afford security suffer the most. There are so many factors that affect the level of crime, some are socio economic, eg. Unemployment, poverty and lack of education. All things which must be dealt with, but there are other important factors which need to be sorted out.

The judicial system is such a mess that criminals that are captured have a good chance of getting off scott free. Even if they make it to court without escaping (with or without the assistance of the police), the evidence is either lost (with or without the assistance of the police) or not ready. Months and months pass before cases are heard and judgement passed. Criminals are often out on bail during that time, committing more crime (with or without police assistance).

The systems and technologies in the police force appear to be non-existent. If you go to report a case, the police officer will manually fill out the form and it will take about 3 hours (no exaggeration) because he is barely literate. Why is it not done on computer and put in a central database? There have been many reports of wanted criminals being found – in jail! The police had no idea they were wanted for other crimes. That’s just ridiculous. There is obviously no communication between different stations, I am surprised they ever manage to catch anyone. I take my hat off to the police having to work in that sort of environment.

The resources are obviously insufficient to do the job as well. They are often complaining that they don’t have a vehicle to get them to a crime scene etc. There are definitely not enough policemen and I don’t think they are trained well enough. They are also not given access to the psychological support they need in the life endangering environment in which they work. This is apparent from the number of them that go nuts and kill themselves and their families. The police are obviously not paid enough, they need to earn enough so that they resist the temptation to accept bribes and steal evidence or even commit crimes.

Another problem is that there is corruption and apathy all the way to the top. Jackie Selebi is our police commissioner even though he is obviously a gangster and should be in jail. Jacob Zuma wants to be our president but he is obviously guilty of corruption. If he is innocent, why is he trying to fight tooth and nail to stay out of court and have evidence squashed? What sort of example does this set for the people down the chain?

The last thing I will mention is that there is nowhere we can go to complain about the police themselves. They behave in such a bad way and yet, if you call the station commander, he/she will do nothing about it. What do you do then? Call Jacki Selebi? Hahahahaha. The other day a friend of mine had her car stolen. The first time a male policeman came around and decided he needed to look around the house. Why? That’s interesting in itself, but what made him think he should have a little ‘lie’ on her bed? Then the next day 2 cops arrive and the female officer asks if there is any cake/chocolate on offer. My friend digs out her expensive imported chocolate and the policewoman promptly takes the whole bag and puts it in her handbag and takes it with her. What is that about? They are just taking the piss. Who do you report that to? Lay a complaint and they will probably come back one night and kill you.

These days, people don’t even call the police. They call their security company. The security companies do a good job, in fact the police hire security companies to protect police stations!!

Now, I’m sure there are good, hard working cops out there and they have my respect. It must be very difficult and frustrating to work for little money and be hampered by a lack of resources, technology and backup from the judicial system. I think they should be paid more and be given the support they need. The public would be behind the police 100% if they did their job properly.

These are issues that need to be resolved soon, otherwise I don’t know where things will end up, but it won’t be pretty.


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  1. I am a SouthAfrican citizen based in London and had to rush back after hearing the unfortunate news of my brothers murder. It just saddens me to see the level of corruption and the rate of organised crime on the increase. I have publicised this case widely within SA in an effort to place the spot light on the South African Police but all my efforts seem to be falling on deaf ears.

    I am hoping to create international pressure especially considering the coming of the Worldcup 2010 and the highlight the lack of policing in our country. The safety of many international tourists could be at risk with cold heartless criminals walking our streets unpunished.

    Please assist me in publicising this case as I am hoping to honour my brother death by bringing his killers to justice and making a safer SouthAfrica for us all.

    Murder of Jay Hari (Mondeor Case 236/01/2009)

    On 14th January at approximately 7.30am Jayesh Hari was shot and killed in his home (Glenvista, JHB)whilst taking his 6yr old son Shailen Hari to his first day of school. Mr.Hari and his son were approached by 2 men whilst they were walking towards his car.. It is believed that the men were already on his premises hiding out behind his house when they approached him from behind. Mr. Hari and his son were led back into his house where his mother Sue Hari was also met by the 2 men. They were led into his lounge where a discussion began.

    The men asked for money and jewelry. Mr. Hari advised them that his wife was deceased and that he had no jewelry or cash in his home. Mr. Hari pleaded to them and asked the men not to hurt them. He told them to take whatever they want and leave. Mrs Hari found it extremely unusual that the men were so calm, collected and polite. They did not intimidate or threaten either Mr or Mrs Hari.

    1 of the 2 men walked into his study (office) and made a phone call. He than returned and led Mr. Hari into his study (office). Mr. Hari’s mom and son were told to sit on the couch where they were covered with a duvet. The man than walked to the study door and handed the second man (shooter) a pillow. Moments later a gunshot was heard. The men than quietly walked out of the house and towards his gate where a third suspect was waiting in a car. They operated a remote for his gate ‘none’ of which was taken from the house.

    The men took NOTHING from the house. Mr. Hari had a big screen plasma TV and an entertainment system together worth over R50 000. They asked for jewelry BUT failed to remove jewelry from both Mrs. Hari and Mr. Hari who were visibly wearing gold jewelry worth about R20 000 between them. His Mercedes Benz was STILL parked in his driveway idling with the doors open, which they did NOT steal as well.

    We strongly believe that Mr. Hari was a victim of a premeditated murder. He received 1 fatal gun shot wound to the head. It appeared (from the positioning of his body and location of bullet) that he was asked to lie on the floor where the shooter placed the gun at point blank range to his temple and fired the weapon.

    CCTV footage was obtained from his premises of the entire scene but not released to the family or media to date. No feedback has been given to the family since the incident regarding the progress of the investigation. Forensics were at the SCENE and FAILED to even locate the bullet. The bullet was found by the family exactly were Mr. Hari’s head was placed and later handed to the police by the family. This was due to the fact that the family were quoted R5000 by the police to do a clean up of where Mr. Hari was lying and decided to do it themselves, hence finding the bullet.

    Items were removed from the scene without a warrant and no inventory list was given until this was demanded by the family. 1 of the items included a safe that was removed and opened by the police without the CONSENT or PRESENCE of the family. The family were later informed, after questioning the investigating officer, that the safe was EMPTY.

    His murder case is currently being led by Constable Dani Nortje whom we believe is NOT able to give the case its full due. We also strongly believe that there are elements of corruption involved within SAP at the Mondeor Police station. Mr. Hari had brought a case against an officer at the Mondeor police station for false arrest. He was arrested for ‘allegedly’ being in possession of cocaine. The docket to this case mysteriously went missing and the officers were never reprimanded or QUESTIONED!!(Mondeor case 292/09/2007)

    Jayesh was involved in a custody battle of his son Shailin with his inlaws Dyalan and Virgina Pilay after the passing of his wife. His battle led to numerous assaults and even threats on his life. Jayesh resorted to phone tapping of which he pleaded guilty and paid a R80 000 but maintained that he was in fear of his life. The recordings apparently reflected the Pillays negotiating a HIT on his life. These recording were unfortunately deemed inadmissible in court.

    This case is NOT being given the attention it deserves and Mr. Hari’s killers are being allowed to walk free. We demand that a specialized unit take over the case to ensure that ALL guilty parties are brought to justice and the family including Jayesh Hari’s now orphaned son can receive the closure they deserve.

    Please visit ( for up to date developments and public comments.

    We hope and pray that justice will prevail.