Cooking courses

I am thinking of attending a cooking course. My cooking skills are not bad but I know there is a lot more to learn and I have a feeling that a cooking course could be a whole lot of fun!

But, if you Google ‘cooking course cape town’ you don’t get much. Please leave a comment if you know of a place I could check out and also any comments on cooking courses you might have attended.

In return I will share my experiences once I have been, maybe I will even try a few different ones and compare them.

UPDATE: I have posted a comprehensive list of cooking courses in Cape Town here, and I’ve reviewed the course I did at Sense of Taste here as well as the class I attended at the SA Chefs Academy here.


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  1. walshie

    I’d be keen to join you Daxo… I looked last year and didn’t find much in the way of decent courses on the ‘net…

  2. Albert Dreyer

    Hey Dax,
    Great Blog and congrats on 4th spot.
    Garth Streobel & Paul Hartman previously from the Nellie run a chefs school and will taylor make a course to suite what you would like to learn for 5 candidates or more contact him at Tel: 021 447 3168 Fax: 021 447 3167. I did a course with David Higgs a while back and he offered a part time course in cooking skills (should still), his school is at Meerendal Estate 021 975 1655.

  3. Yo Dax
    We have been running a cooking course for guys who need to take it to the next level; Kitchen Cowboys – it’s been up & running for the past 4 years; we are currently situated in Salt Riviera and can be contacted on 021 448 2433, 083 600 1991/2

    Kitchen Cowboys will enable you to tap into the culinary subconscious, we’ve been doing the eating for long enough and now it’s time to master the preparation, to boldly go where most men fear to tread – yes it’s time to take over the kitchen!

    We have long since been denied the right to hunt; we replaced our yearning for the kill with sport and the support thereof, now the new urban warriors are looking fresher and more creative pastures to conquer. Kitchen Cowboys will equip you with the skills and know how to make this challenging arena your new hunting ground.
    We offer a six week workshop, we gather every Tuesday night knock back some shit kicking wines, roll up the sleeves and get stuck into some serious food.

  4. Hi Dax
    I’ve heard of these guys from someone who’s recently done their course and he reckons it’s very good. They are RAW food chef’s though so be prepared for something different: lots of smoothies, pestos, wheatgrass etc. Looks interesting, and yummy if you’re into healthy eating.

  5. Thanks Glen, I went to have a look at the site and it looks very good, reasonably priced too. I might do that course plus one of the others to get a good balance.

    Also gave me an idea that someone should develop a recipe booklet or demonstration evenings around the organic boxes of veggies that are delivered weekly by Wild and the Ethical co-op, etc. Maybe these are the guys to do it? I’ll chat to them when I go to the course.

  6. For those interested, there is a cooking class happening at the Giggling Gourmet (Jenny Morris) cooking school next Friday 11/5/07. The cost is R300 (or R450 if you want the recipe book and apron) for a lesson in Asian Cooking, dinner plus drinks (beer, whisky and wine).

    It is in aid of the Melkbos Care Centre. Follow this link to see the good work they do

    If you want to attend, contact

  7. Cyril Naicker

    Indian Cuisine:
    I have taught curry classes at Silwood Kitchens a few years ago and get many calls during winter for more classes. I am more than willing on individual lessons if you are keen or small groups. I am South Indian and will teach you curries learnt from my mom, so its authentic home food, not gourmet cooking.
    Please feel free to contact me:
    Cyril Naicker
    083 610 1766

  8. My little company is called Back2basics and I give cooking classes, and I run various classes such as Beginners courses, an Entertaining course (starters, main course and accompaniements and puddings), I also teach Domestics, and youngsters/teens in the school hoidays. I make divine death by chocolate wedding cakes and speciality birthday cakes to order, and I cater for smaller parties. My classes are very reasonably priced and run for 4 consequtive weeks, and this year I have also introduced once off cooking classes, i.e. How to debone and stuff a chicken, East meets West, Moroccan etc… I like to have a minimum of 3 students and max of 6 or even 8, but 6 is a better number. I live in Fish Hoek and I run my classes from home.
    kind regards
    Nikki Green, Back2basics

  9. Yaaay!! Someone who values the art of true entertainment…

    I run a cooking school called Custom Cuisine from a beautiful venue in Hout Bay. Cooking courses vary from Asian, Indian, European and Mediterranean/Moroccan foods. I specialise in South-East Asian/Pacific Rim cooking, including traditional Thai, Japanese sushi and many others. Our classes are intimate and interactive and new themes are introduced regularly. Classes can be arranged for special events such as birthdays, corporate events and personalised dinner functions and may be customised to your requirements.

    The Custom Cuisine Cooking School aims to teach new kitchen and entertainment skills and in the process, have as much fun as possible! All classes are participation cooking classes, in which students get to roll up their sleeves and do some serious fun cooking! At the end of each class, everyone gets to enjoy the fruits (soups, salads or curries) of their labours. It’s personal enrichment and a good meal rolled into one! Courses are weekday and evening classes only, but arrangements can be made for weekend functions.

    Send me an e-mail and I’ll add you to my mailing list. I send out course notices each month, incl. restaurant reviews, recipres, etc. Mail me at or call me on 021 7907165 a/h.
    Brett Nussey

  10. Mark & LaToia

    The courses we have done that really stand out & are not too long (for those with ADD) are the Charteucerie course by Neil of Bread & Wine at Moreson and the mind blowing North Indian course by the Ecstacic Chef, Alexis Kriel.

    Neil’s course is a half day suasage making course – we made cured saussies, fresh saussies, fat saussies, smoked suassies, long saussies etc. This is all from scratch – when you arrive there is half an organic pig awaiting you. This immedialtley weans out the closet vegetarians from the real carnivores. Go back 10 weeks later to collect your saussies from the curing fridge. This course was great value and we are now able to “roll our own”!

    Alexis’ course is fascinating. She is a jewess who spent 10 years living in a Hindu temple. The recipes used are all way pre-BC. No garlic or ginger, really fragrant, sophisticated nosh! Cooking “proper” indian food is difficult unless you have the exact ratios, times etc and many chefs battle with this. Without being biased, every time we serve this the repsonse is “That’s the best food we’ve ever had!” The course is well priced and worth every penny. Check out

  11. Hi Mark& LaToia

    The sausage making course sounds interesting, hope to check that out. It’s quite expensive if I remember correctly, about R500 for the 1 session.

    Alexis’ course also sounds interesting but that’s in Joburg so doesn’t help me.

    Thanks for all the comments guys, keep ’em coming. I am going to test out some of the options and do reviews on them as well as compile a list of all the options for anyone who might need it in future.


  12. Alison Evans

    Hi Dax! Fantastic Blog! I just wanted to let you know about an amazing evening I had last week. I’m not sure if this really qualifies as a course, but last Thursday (19 May 2007) I was lucky enough to accompany a friend to a cooking demonstration at the Woolworths store in Willowbridge C.T. It was hosted by Top Billing presenter, Joanne Strauss and Isaac, one of the Woolies taste chefs. It was fabulous! We were treated to delicious tappas platters and a glass of wine in the restaurant and Isaac showed us how to make two really simple, tasty dishes. One was Ostrich fillet in pizzaola sauce and the other was for roasted tomato soup with feta cheese. Apparently they were all recipes featured in the TASTE magazine. All I know is that I will be buying this magazine from now on! Hopefully I get invited to the next event too! I’ve sent my details to the event hotline just to make sure. Details are There was mention of visiting chefs from Italy arriving in June and I don’t want to miss out on that! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  13. Hey Dax. So What happened with the threat of attending a cooking course? Give me a shout and we’ll set you up with something to write home about. I can be contacted on Let’s get something together.

  14. Ntsako Mabunda

    Hi there, I’m looking for part time cookery courses in Johannesburg. Please help

  15. Hi Ntsako

    I’m sorry but as you can see, RWD is focused on Cape Town. If you want info on cooking courses in Joburg, you’ll have to do some more web surfing otherwise move to Cape Town.


  16. Hi Dax,

    So which cookery classes did you decide to do? I’d love to know because I too love cooking and have had some training but am always looking to read more.

    Let me know,

    Kind Regards


  17. Hi Katie

    I am supposed to be trying out Custom Cuisine in November (see Brett Nussey’s comment above). I am also keen to try the Superfoods one (see Glen’s comment above). I will review each one and then do a big summary post of all the courses because it seems this is a very popular post and people often find it when they google cooking courses.

  18. Susan Viljoen

    Want to attend some evening cooking classes

  19. I’d suggest Jenny Morris (aka the Giggling Gourmet), see link below

  20. I have another good option for cooking courses. This last weekend I went to a cooking lesson at Sense of Taste. We made a 3 course meal which was fantastic and I learnt a lot of good tips as we went through the steps.

    The course they offer costs R1600 and runs for 4 Tuesday evenings.
    Each person has their own workstation with all the equipment and the ingredients are included, as are drinks. As usual you eat the food you prepare.

    The next course starts on the 22nd April 2008. Contact Debbie on or 082 578 9029. Their website is

  21. Val Shayne

    Hi Dax I am looking for an email address or tel. # of Nikki Green (Back2Basics) regarding cooking classes for kids? Thanks.

  22. Hi Val

    This is the email address Nikki commented with, hopefully she doesn’t mind me posting it!

  23. Monique Surkont

    Hi Dax

    Hope you can help. My husband and myself would like to know if you have any idea who can teach us to make great Thai food. We like a more relaxed environment and would like to have fun with it. Any ideas where in cape town the best place would be to do that????? Please help.

  24. Hi Monique, I think your best bet will be Custom Cuisine. Check out Brett Nussey’s comment above for the details.

  25. Nikki Green

    Thanks for the referral Dax, Val’s 2 delightful domestics came to my 1st tier cooking classes and they have been super stars, and will be attending a 2nd tier Domestics class sooooooooooooon.

    I highly recommend Brett’s classes, I too have attended his classes, and they are GREAT !!

  26. Toni Bauwens

    Hi Dax, Found you by accident. I’m looking for fun, morning cooking classes for a friend of mine from Korea. Her English is not fantastic, but she’s a super person who is prepared to try and is hoping to find something that’s fun so she can possibly make friends as well. Thanks, Toni

  27. Hi Toni

    I’m not sure which group cooking classes run in the morning. The evening ones like Sense of Taste and Giggling Gourmet are good fun.

    Maybe Nikki Green’s (see comments above) course runs in the morning but not sure how big the group would be or what type of group it would be.

  28. I have found another option for cooking classes in Cape Town (Southern Suburbs). The nice thing about Kitchen Angel is that it’s one class instead of a whole course, there are a variety to choose from, eg. French, Asian, Simple, etc.

    The cost is R380 for the evening, which is similar to the alternatives. More info at the website:

  29. Letesia

    I am looking for more info on a cooking class in JHB, East Rand Area. If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated!
    Thanks a mil!

  30. Hi Dax,

    Great block. Found the other day another cooking school in Cape Town(southern suburbs)called Top Nosh and attended one off there theme cooking classes. We where 6 people in the class and it was R275 for everything, great fun. They do all sorts of classes and courses. Think she is from Europe.

  31. i know i am a little late here but i just booked myself onto a cooking course i am REALLY looking fwd to…
    it’s being run by Larissa Green of lovegreenfood ( this is what she has to say about her philosophy:
    I define Cooking with Consciousness as buying and eating organic food, eating food as close to its natural form as possible, the elimination of chemicals and minimised food processing. Cooking with Consciousness also means working with creativity, emotion and intention when cooking – using LOVE especially – to nurture yourself and others to maximize potential. Always use minimal and biodegradable packaging, recycle and minimize transport.

    the course is not cheap but i feel it’s really important for me. i want to start eating a LOT less meat (only eating meat occasionally when i can afford organic/free range). but i am clueless on how to cook wholesome vegetarian foods…. details are below. will report back once i have done the course in about two weeks time!

    Investment: R1800 p.p. includes:
    – copy of lovegreenfood recipe book
    – copy of imifuno for all! recipe book
    – R100 shopping voucher for fresh organic produce
    Cooking with colour: salads and dressings, vegetable preparations, sauces, herbs
    Spices to create flavour: curries and dahl, flavoursome vegetables
    Beans & Pulses: techniques & creative variations
    Ancient Gifts: Quinoa Pilaf, Amaranth Porridge, Millet Rissotto
    Fusion Cooking: Contemporary, classic, raw & organic
    Fresh Fish: simple, easy and tasty
    Wheat free baking: Spelt Muffins

    Relaxed home environment
    Demonstrations combined with hands on participation

  32. That course sounds great, Candice. Please tell us all about it when you are done.

    I’ll be creating a new post soon with a list of all the courses available, maybe you can comment about your experience of the course there.

  33. i think it’s a very good idea to create a post with a list of all the courses available… that’s how i found this post actually, had googled ‘cooking course cape town’ or something similar and, as you say, not much came up… except this post.

    will be a useful tool to list it all in one place i think 🙂

    am REALLY looking fwd to my course. not sure if Larissa is offering any more after the one I am doing in Nov, but i will find out when i go and post it on here.

  34. I run a cooking school from Maya’s Kitchen in Sea Point. It was mostly for Housekeepers/Domestics, and childrens lessons during school holidays. Now I am teaching Housewifes, couples, baking and cake making, basic cooking for people who don’t have a clue.
    My website is still under contruction but information can be emailed for the different classes.
    The domestic lessons are divided up into beginners and advanced and cost R850.00 for 4 weeks and inlcude recipe folder, that gets updated every week, ingredients and a certificate.
    The lessons are relaxed and friendly completley hands-on and not a demonstration so everyone gets a go to make everything. The food is wholesome and nutricioius and very family friendly. I teach breads, soups, stews, curries, roasts, salads, desserts, baking.

    The housewifes classes are either on a Monday morning 9.30 -12.30 or Saturdays. Mother and Daughter lessons are new and cost R180 for both. Baking and Cakes making R190. The most expensive is entertaining and Jewish cooking for R250.00

    I can be contacted via email

  35. The courses sound awesome, I also just googled cooking courses Caoe Town and nothing interesting came up except this. I want to be a food and wine journalist, but i’m only a student at the moment and can’t really afford the more expensive courses.; I’d also like to join one with more longevity, instead of just one day? I don’t know if the bigger cooking schools like silwood do six month to a year courses? I’m going to check out if they have a website and will check back here.


  36. hi carla

    i do have a website and holding a 4 week course this Tuesday from 9.30 – 12.30 i am teaching a group of domestics, but you are welcome to join in. The course is basic – advanced plus lots of baking. The cost for the 4 weeks is R850.00.
    you can call me 082 3199215 or 021 4341721 for more information.

  37. Check out this site ~ for cooking classes
    Moroccan / Greek / Thai / Japanese / Turkish / Vietnamese /
    Sicilian / Persian / Indian / Mexican / Indonesian / Tunisian
    and so it goes on

  38. the next basic DOMESTIC COOKING courses are starting on the 15 September, 13 October and 10 November they are being run from Mouille Point. The lessons are basic and hands on. our aims are to give your nanny the chance to cook with confidence. by working in a group gives them a fun and informative morning as well as them becoming empowered. They recieve a certificate after the 4 week programme (once a week for 4 weeks). after the basic course they can join the individual classes. Courses start from R850.00 and include ingredients and recipe folders. Students take home the food they prepared. for more information. We are recommended by Sugar & SPice, Supernannies and MomsBabiesNannies nanny agencies

  39. Sandy Stack

    Can someone please help me – My sons are grown up and I need to go back to the basics of cooking. Can someone inspire me and help me to get back my mojo.

  40. Hi Dax

    Sugar and Spice Nanny Training offer basic cooking courses for nannies some are done in conjunction with Janis Moss and others on a one off basis depending on requirements. Potential clients can contact me at via my website for details.


  41. Caroline

    Hi there Dax
    I think your site is wonderful. I cant believe how many cooking courses you managed to find. I however want to learn how to bake, make biscuits, cakes, decorations, macaroons etc. Do you know of any courses?

  42. Try Angie 0798959065 – pastry chef who offers courses.