Cooking classes in Cape town

Cooking courses in Cape Town

I’m not entirely sure which category this post should fall under. I eventually decided to put it under General because it just doesn’t belong anywhere else. I have only posted once before on cooking courses (here) and that was a while ago. Interestingly, that has been one of the most hit posts on Relax with Dax and the one with the most comments. It seems there are a lot of people out there who are interested in cooking courses. The comments on that post included the details of a number of cooking courses in Cape Town, it seems there are quite a few. It’s quite arduous to read through all the comments to try and find the suitable options, so I have decided to collate the information here, in one comprehensive list.

If there are still others which I have left off the list, then please post the details in a comment. Also, if you have been on any of these courses, please post a comment on your experience and tell how it rated on value, fun and informativeness. I have just recently attended Sense of Taste cooking school and you can read that review here and I also attended a class at the SA Chefs Academy which I review here.

***Please read through the comments below as a whole lot of other cooking classes/courses have been added there.

Please bear in mind that the course details and prices are current at time of writing but will definitely change over time. To avoid surprises or disappointment, you are advised to call and confirm the details and pricing.

Kitchen Cowboys
The impression I get is that this course is for men only. The course is run by Peter Goffe-Wood, a chef well known to Capetonians and indeed, South Africans. According to their website: “All of the workshops are based on seasonal recipes and each session will include what to buy and where to buy it – how to stock the pantry wat skrik vir niks, wine pairings, top tips, rescue techniques and honing those culinary skills.”
Length: 6 Weeks (Tuesday evenings, 6pm to 9pm)
Includes: Ingredients, meal, drinks, apron, Kitchen Cowboys recipe book, recipes/course notes, 1 year subscription to GQ magazine
Cost: R3500
5 Portswood Rd, V&A Waterfront,

Sense of Taste
This course is run by chef Peter Ayub, who may not be as well known as Pete Goffe-Wood, but he is no new comer. With many years of experience in restaurants, catering and teaching, Peter is highly qualified and very personable. Sense of Taste’s motto is “for life, for living, for the joy of cooking” and one can see that they enjoy cooking. I attended a course at Sense of Taste, you can read my full review here.
Length: 4 Weeks (Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm to 10:30pm)
Includes: Ingredients, meal, drinks, apron, recipes/course notes
Cost: R1600
Maitland – 021 511 0426 –

This is probably the healthiest option of all. Straight from their website: “The Program teaches people about raw food principles and most importantly HOW to prepare delicious tasting raw food meals so that you can practically go about transforming your health. We take some of the best of our Raw Food recipes, and present them to you so that you too can discover and embark on the raw food transitional and transformational journey.”
Length: 2 full days (over a weekend)
Includes: Ingredients, meal, juice, recipes & course notes
Cost: R1250
12 Price Drive, Constantia – 021 794 7793 –

Giggling Gourmet
Jenny Morris is quite a well know South African personality. Her course covers a wide range of topics including starters, desserts, working with chicken, fish and meat as well as making bread. I’ve done one class in their kitchen and it’s well equiped, with a work station for each pair of aspirant chefs. They also offer each night of the course as a once off lesson.
Length: 6 weeks (Monday evenings, 6:30pm to 10pm)
Includes: Ingredients, meal, drinks, recipe book, spice pack, apron
Cost: R2695 or R450 per evening
Bree Street, Cape Town CBD, 021 425 3000 –
(Will be moving back to premises in Cape Quarter in 2009)

SA Chefs Academy
This is Garth Stroebel and Paul Hartmann’s chef school, which is highly respected. Classes are run on the first Wednesday of each month using the facilities of the full time chef school so it’s well equipped. I attended one of these evenings, see my review here.
Length: 1 evening (6:30pm to 10:30pm)
Includes: Ingredients, meal and drinks
Cost: R350
Black River Park, Fir St, Observatory – 021 447 3168 –

Back to Basics
Nikki Green offers various classes such as Beginners courses, an Entertaining course (starters, main course and accompaniements and puddings), also courses for Domestics and youngsters/teens in the school holidays. This year once off cooking classes have been introduced, i.e. How to debone and stuff a chicken, East meets West, Moroccan etc… Minimum of 3 students and max of 8.
Length: 4 weeks or once off (days and times vary to suit requirements)
Includes: Ingredients, meal, recipes
Cost:R250 (once off class) to R800 (4 weeks)
Class are run from Nikki’s home in Fish Hoek – 021 785 7572 –

Silwood Kitchen
A well known Cape Town cookery school, they also offer a variety of part time courses to suit all sorts of requirements. They have a course (5 lessons) for domestics, a course (4 lessons) for home leavers who want to learn easy and inexpensive meals, a course (3 lessons) suited to cooking for guests, a baking course, etc.
Length: Course lengths vary, but can also be done as individual classes
Includes: Ingredients and meal
Cost: Sessions range from R300 to R360
Silwood Road, Rondebosch – 021 686 4894 –

Top Nosh
According to the website, Nadin Demmler has a lot of experience at some well renowned restaurants. She teaches courses in a fully equipped kitchen, catering for a maximum of 8 people. There are quite number of courses to choose from: The basic course (6 lessons), the more advanced course (4 lessons) or just a fun evening for an occasion. They also offer a course for domestics.
Length: 6 (Mondays) or 4 (Tuesdays) lessons
Includes: Ingredients, meal, recipes
Cost: R1550 (6 lessons) or R1250 (4 lessons)
082 782 3622 –

Love Green Food
Another option for those wanting to learn how to cook and eat responsibly. Larissa Green offers workshops in which she teaches people how to prepare and cook vegetarian meals (including a lesson on fish) which are tasty and not boring. She uses only organic and ethical produce.
Length: 3 midweek mornings (9am to 1pm) or a full weekend (10am to 4pm)
Includes: Ingredients, 2 recipe books, R100 voucher for organic produce
Cost: R1800
021 434 1559 –

Capsicum Culinary Studio
Capsicum offers full time training for people wanting to become chefs but also offers individual topics as once off lessons, over the course of the year. Classes are a maximum of 24 people.
Length: 1 Evening (6:30pm to 10:00pm)
Includes: Ingredients, meal, drinks and gift bag
Cost: R300
Pinelands – 086 010 5954 –

Pick ‘n Pay cooking school
There is a whole host of courses on offer here. From the 8 lesson ‘Executive Survival’ course to the 4 lesson ‘Pacific Rim’ course as well as single evening sessions and even ‘singles’ evening sessions for those who are looking for a cooking partner for life (just kidding, or maybe not). They also offer courses for domestics. Each course is taught by a different person.
Length: From 8 lessons to 1 evening session
Includes: Ingredients and meal (to take away)
Cost: From R1900 (8 lessons) to R300 (one evening session)
Cnr Campground & Main Rd, Claremont – 021 658 1162 –

Cyril Naicker
Cyril used to teach at Silwood Kitchens and now does lessons for individuals or small groups. He teaches South Indian cuisine in a home cooked style, as opposed to gourmet cooking. Things you will learn to cook are: Samoosas, curries (chicken, vegetable, fish), briyani, as well as breads (roti, puri and paratha).
Length: 1 or more evenings (depends on how much you want to learn)
Includes: Ingredients (apart from meat) and meal
Cost: R500 per session
Lessons are conducted at his home in Claremont – 021 683 1678 –

Apron Cookery Classes
Apron runs a 4 session cooking course on basic household cooking. There is a morning course for domestics and an evening course for those who will be doing their own cooking. There are also evening courses which can be customised to a specific need or function, otherwise cover several simple and popular recipes.
Length: One evening or four evenings/mornings
Includes: Ingredients and meal for the evenings but ingredients are not included for the course
Cost: R400 per evening or R1850 for the course
At the home of Nicky Stubbs in Claremont – 021 671 6540 –

Eleven Food Coaching Co-op
Eleven offers a myriad of cooking evenings which can be done individually or as a course. Some of the courses are ‘Al fresco dining’ and ‘Spring: taste, touch, smell, savour’ as well as regional evenings such as Moroccan, Italian or Spanish. The kitchen can accommodate 24 people.
Length: One to four evenings
Includes: Ingredients and meal
Cost: About R350 per evening but cheaper if you do the whole course
The Eleven kitchen is in Woodstock – 021 461 3820 –

Chef’s Warehouse Cookery School
This is a new venture in town, owned by the well known chef Liam Tomlin. They will offer a 20 class cookery course which looks very interesting as well as a 6 class artisan bread making course. Specific classes for groups on various topics including wine tasting are also available. The Chef’s Warehouse will also be a retail outlet for cooking and food related products.
Length: One class or a 6 or 20 class course
Includes: Recipes and tasters of the dishes demonstrated, paired with wines
Cost: The full course is R10 500, the bread making course is R3000 and individual classes are priced per class
50 New Church St, Cape Town – 021 422 0128 –

Stir Crazy Cooking School
These guys offer a variety of cooking clases in hands on or demonstration format. Classes take 8 to 10 people or more if it’s just a demonstration class. Apart from the usual sushi, fusion, Indian, Japanese, Thai, etc, they also offer specialised evenings such as nutritional courses or singles evenings.
Length: Most are single session
Includes: Recipes, ingredients, meal
Cost: Around R360 per session
Stir Crazy is based in Hout Bay – 021 790 7165 –


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  1. The superfoods course is actually an uncooking course as all the meals are raw. If you’re thinking carpaccio or sushi you’re only halfway there (the sushi is vegetarian, and carpaccio or other meat dishes are not on the menu). It is an excellent course, though, that will have you thinking differently about food. Recommended if you have an interest in eating healthily and your muesli is no longer doing it for you. The food was delicious and Peter and Beryn knowledgeable and inspiring. I’ve reviewed their course over here

  2. Hi Dax

    Thanks for the feature. I’ll only be ale to determine exactly what is happening with the cooking courses after the season, which is around March next year. The Deli has been full since we opened 6 weeks ago, and we are battling to keep up with the demand, as well as prepare for season! Its really been fantastic! I may be adding more courses to the mix, but probabaly not hands-on, that we’ll be hosting at the Deli in the evenings, including food and wine paring, food presentation, unusual taste combinations, etc. I’ll still hold the occasional evening courses from now, which may be limited to certain styles of cooking such as Thai, Sushi, Mediterranean and Pacific Rim (which I used to teach at Pick n Pay). I’ll let you know once things have settled down.

    Come and take a look at Deli Delish sometime – its really something different! Take a look at for info.
    Brett Nussey

  3. Societi Bistro will be offering something unique and exciting next year, aimed at those who are interested in learning how a restaurant kitchen operates and aquiring some knowledge and skills in cooking at the same time.

    Kitchen Un-confidential will run from 1 to 5 full days and cost about R1000 per day. The things you will cover are:

    Day 1
    • Kitchen Protocol, Safety and Procedures.
    • Flavours and tasting food. How & Why.
    • Mirepoix – Where it all starts
    • Dicing Onions like a pro
    • Making Stocks and a Soup
    • Fresh Pasta
    • Fish. How? Why? When? And Where?
    • Working on the Cold Larder section for service

    Day 2
    • Bread – The Basics
    • Basic Sauces
    • Risottos
    • Making Fresh Ice Creams and Custards
    • Working on the Hot Starter section for service

    Day 3
    • Jus – a Proper brown sauce
    • Cooking Fish like a pro
    • Understanding Meat
    • Working on the grill section for service

    Day 4
    • Pastry

    Day 5
    • Floating on all sections learning little ‘tricks of the trade’ from the team
    • Working the pass with the chef for service
    • Choose & Prepare a dish for Stef, Peter, your partner & yourself off the menu from scratch (with some help if you still need it by this stage)and enjoy it at our Chef’s Table.

    Call 021 424 2100 or email for more info or to book.

  4. On the vegetarian side, apparently the owner of Krishna’s Pure Vegetarian Cuisine in the Riverside Mall, Rondebosch, offers cookery classes. Call the restaurant on 021 685 5767

  5. Eat In magazine has a list of cooking schools, most of them are listed above but this is one I don’t have:

    Marlene van der Westhuizen 021 439 6610 / 083 658 5249

    “When she’s not putting together her drool-worthy books or jetting to her home in France to soak up inspiration, this tireless talent offers cooking classes in her Greenpoint kitchen. Taking up to 12 people, she enjoys the one on one experience that gets participants up close and personal with French country specialities with an undeniable Cape flavour.”

  6. I visited Cape Town in 2000 and found a great restaurant that was also a place where chef’s learned their craft. I can’t remember the name but it was in a sketchy part of Cape Town. Fantastic Restaurant…Can anyone tell me the name and if it still exists?

  7. I wonder if that was Emily’s Bistro in Woodstock. Its no longer there – but now in more salubrious surroundings at the V & A

  8. Another place offering cooking courses is Maya’s Kitchen. They mainly sell kitchen wares, but are now offering cooking courses.

    I don’t have much details except that you can attend in Claremont or Seapoint.
    021 683 9049 (Claremont)
    021 433 0754 (Seapoint)

  9. Apparently Mezzaluna, the newish Italian restaurant at 16 Loop Street offers cooking courses on Wednesday evenings.

    I don’t know much more than that but call them on 021 421 6391 for more details.

  10. La Masseria in Durbanville also offers Italian cooking classes in the evening. Covering things like bread making, pasta making, starters, comfort food, etc.

    Courses are R350 and include welcome drink and meal plus the recipes.

    021 9760036

  11. Meredith

    HiDax, I represent a talented young pizza maker and think he should also start offering cooking lessons. Any tips?

    1. @Meredith, I’m no expert in starting a cooking school business. I would guess you need to decide if it will be a demonstration lesson or if people will get to make their own. That will dictate the size kitchen and the implements required.

      Then you just need to start marketing to people, get a few groups in and get them to spread the word.

  12. Hi,
    I really would like to learn to make danish pastry and croissants.
    Any suggestions?
    Any courses raccomanded?
    Thank you.

  13. Olivello in Stellenbosch also offers cooking demonstrations. Good for a team event.

  14. time to remove Mr Gallagher since he’s almost certainly not returning to SA?

  15. Good point, Lauren. I have removed him from the listing.

  16. Dax…

    I’ll be visiting Capetown for a little over a week at the end of January 2010. I have attended Culinary School, focusing on Classic French Cuisine, in the states, but am very interested in taking a once off course for cooking African cuisine. Is something like that offered in Cape Town? Thanks!

  17. Hi Emily, I can’t think of one that offers African cuisine specifically. I’m not sure what exactly African cuisine would inclide, to be honest.

    The best bet would be to see if any of the schools listed above have an evening session dedicated to African cuisine.

    Maybe do a search for Malay cooking classes as that is probably our most unique and appealing cuisine.

  18. Dax hi, and also to answer visiting Emily. We are a newly opened recreational cooking school. African Relish is based in Prince Albert, an oasis in the Karoo. 4 hrs from CT. Our newly built culinary hall is in our olive orchard, resident chef Vanie Padayachee conducts seasonal cookery courses for visiting foodies. These can be from one to five days. Scheduled courses are given by visiting chefs like Reza Mahammad who gave a course in Aug this year. Our vege garden provides abundant fresh produce. Nov 21 is the Harvest festival in town and we are doing a great harvest course. We specialise in South African cuisine and its many influences. Great for the those with a culinary curiousity. warm regards. lisa key

  19. Thanks for the reply on the new cooking school. I have found two cooking classes with locals through Cape Fusion cooking school. I have been e-mailing back and forth with Pamela, the founder I believe, who has been extremely helpful. So my cooking classes with local African flavor needs are met!

  20. Hi
    I am trying to find the French cuisine cooking school in Green Point, Cape Town. All I know is that it is in Green Point,it is decorated in the Provençal style and she lives in France for about half the year. She was featured on the magazine programme “Pasella” on SABC 2 a few months ago.
    Any ideas?

  21. Hi
    Does anyone know where in Cape Town one can find Food Artistry classes, ie. carving of vegetables, fruits, bento preparation, or making of edible table centrepieces etc. ?

  22. There is a new cooking school offering a six lesson course for R1200 as well as Saturday morning cooking classes for kids.

    On the Menu
    Tel: 021 975 0982 / 083 204 6467

  23. Does anybody know how to reach Marlene van der Westhuizen (Sumptuous)? I am keen to find out about her courses in France but cant find any contact details…

  24. To Johan and Claire…The woman who runs the cooking school in Greenpoint is called Marlene van der Westhuizen and you can contact her cooking studio on 021 439 6610/021 433 2259. You should be able to find out about her courses in France from that number as well.

  25. I recently received this by email:

    Simply Divine Cooking

    Tasty home cooking at its best!

    Classes offered:Simply South African – Simply French – Simply Italian – Simply Everyday – Simply Outdoor –Simply Entertain – Simply Lunch – Simply Dinner – Simply Desserts – Simply Roasts – Simply Fishy – Simply Healthy– Theme cooking on request

    Length: Thursday mornings or afternoons – other days and times can be arranged (minimum 6 people)

    Includes: Recipes and tasters

    Cost: R200 per session

    Camps Bay – Bev – 082 800 0002 –
    Kirstenbosch area – Dawne – 083 628 5951 –

  26. Dear Clare and Johan

    The place you are looking for is called the Food Studio.
    We have a group of friends who have booked classes for the year. We try get a max of 10 people together at a time. If you are interested e.mail and i will put you on the mailing list for cooking classes.

  27. The Chocolate Studio in the Cape Quarter offers courses on various topics like: desserts, confectionary, etc.

  28. My partner and I attended the Sense of Taste vegetarian cooking course last week, and what a lot of fun that was! We were on a high when we left.

    Very friendly, very welcoming. Free wine throughout the evening made for a very jovial evening. The chef, Peter, is very knowledgeable, and very generous with sharing his knowledge — never a moment when I felt I was asking too many questions, and all questions were dealt with graciously, no-one ever had to feel stupid. The staff were incredible, made our evening a really lovely experience.

    However… we ate far too much! By the end of the evening I had to pack our dishes as take-aways cos I couldn’t fit another thing in.

    But herein is an issue I did have: we made too many courses at a superficial level. For every course, part of the ingredients had been prepared in advance. The bunny chow rolls had been mixed and baked for us. The laksa paste and broth had been done for us. The polenta, mixed and baked, the tomato sauce cooked in advance. So, while I did gain good skills (like how to chop an onion in no time at all), I felt I didn’t quite learn a whole dish in its entirety. And I would dearly have loved to have learned how to make vegetarian laksa without the shrimp and fish sauce. I came away feeling like I just learned to saute different veggies, and that I do enough on a regular basis.

    The chef said a huge amount of preparation had gone into our evening — his staff had prepared all our ingredients. I really do appreciate all their hard work, but I would suggest not doing anything for us, and limiting our evening to cooking one main dish from start to finish, and one dessert.

    As for the desserts — WOW!!! They had a pastry chef from Vanilla Haus come in and demonstrate and give really handy tips (also very generous with her knowledge), and the desserts were out of this world. No, we didn’t make any.

    I would definitely recommend Sense of Taste for a fantastic evening out — I can imagine having a party or team building there, they really go all out to making your experience wonderful.

  29. Hi Dax,
    Just wanted to remind you that we also do cooking courses!
    They are all 4 hours in duration and generally held on Sunday (11am-3pm) or Wednesday evenings (6 – 10pm).
    Our specialities are: preserving; traditional Jewish cooking and Mediterranean cuisine.
    The courses are very hands on, with everyone getting fully involved in the cooking process.
    Fun, informative and fully interactive. Each person will be able to take home with them the fruits of their labour.
    Costs are R400 and please contact Lewis on 021 447 0400 ( for more information.

  30. Andrea Cillier

    hi, I want to learn french cooking, does anyone know a place in the northern suburbs of Cape Town or the CBD. The nly places I found are in Camps Bay and FIsh Hoek and thats a bit far for me

  31. melisa


    Im looking for a place that teaches you to cook healthy food. Does anyone know who is doing a course like that?

    Thank you


  32. Great site, well done. My partner loves cooking – wants to be a chef. I’d like to buy her a weekend cooking class for her birthday – ideally the weekend of 17/18 July. Any recommendations?

  33. Chantie

    We interested in joining a cooking class in Cape Town but we in the milnerton area and finishing at 5pm, getting to the Southern Suburbs in time for evening classes in the traffic is impossible. Does anyone know of any cooking classes closer to our area?



    1. Definitely Sense of Taste in Maitland. It’s close and the classes start at 6pm.

  34. Hi
    Thanks for the great feature.

    Raw food preparation classes, held monthly in a home kitchen, Pinelands. Demonstration style.

    Offered on a wide variety of themes from regional cuisine such as Thai, Greek or Mexican or on specific food themes such as Breads & Crackers, Kids lunches or Winter Soups.

    All classes are conducted in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Both experienced raw fooders as well as those seeking to make some healthy improvements to their lifestyle are welcome.

    Classes are usually in the evenings from 6.30 to around 9pm. We host small groups of around a dozen in our home in Pinelands, Cape Town. The evening includes lots of food to eat and full information/recipe sheets to take home. We use predominantly certified organic ingredients in our classes.

    Classes are offered in two formats:

    EASY-Simple recipes using everyday ingredients with the minimum of fuss but tasting fantastic and leaving you energised. Buffet style tastings with a more hands on approach in the class. Price R250

    GOURMET-More in depth recipes, possibly involving more preparation and techniques. We step you through the recipes so its easy for you to recreate at home. Tastings are served more in the style of a restaurant three course meal. Price R300

    Phone or email your booking to:
    074 1679792

  35. Great info, thanks!

  36. Meet Nadège, a French Lady, truly passionate about food and learn how to cook a three course menu of homemade delicious typical French specialities.

    The course takes place in her private kitchen overlooking the Indian Ocean, in Fish Hoek.

    This French cooking class is ideal for both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cooks who want to achieve the fabled status of serving French meals at home.

    It is the perfect opportunity for a birthday present, a hen party,

    This is a hands-on class, so bring your apron and chef’s hat, roll up your sleeves and get ready to start cooking!

    Once the menu is ready, you and your fellow would-be cooks will sit down and eat the delicious French food you have prepared.

    © Private course
    © Group from 2 to 4 people maximum.
    © Suitable for all levels of cooking experience

    Cooking Course Schedule (From Monday to Sunday)
    Morning Classes:
    © The class starts at 9 am
    © 2-3 hours hands-on cooking lesson
    © Once the food is prepared you will sit down to eat the delicious food with
    your host(s)and fellow would-be chefs
    © Your cooking course will finish after lunch at approximately 1 pm

    Afternoon Classes:
    o The class starts at 2 pm
    o 2-3 hours hands-on cooking lesson
    Bring 3 small Tupperware to take home a portion of each meal
    o Your cooking course will finish at approximately 5pm

    Evening Classes:
    o The course starts at 6 pm
    o 2-3 hours hands-on cooking lesson
    o Once the food is prepared you will sit down to eat the delicious food with your host(s)and fellow would-be chefs
    o Your cooking course will finish after dinner at approximately 10pm

    Note: private course can be organised based on your date and time.

    What will you learn?

    How to cook French delicious and traditional family recipes that are typical- from starter to dessert

    Cooking tips that you mum should have taught you (!)

    Learn about various regional specialities (each course focuses on one region)

    Price (to be paid in advance)

    R500 for a private course (1 person)
    350 per person (from 2 to 4 persons)

    The price includes:
    A time in France for a few hours!
    Cooking lesson with a French home cook in a private home
    Lifetime cooking tips!
    All ingredients
    The tasting of the courses prepared with Love
    Copy of recipes to take home
    Loads of fun!

    Contact: Nadege-

  37. Nadège, not quite sure that you can see the Indian Ocean from Fish Hoek!

  38. Any good Thai / chinese cooking classes anyone knows of?

  39. Mardelle Kopnicky

    We are from Pittsburgh Pa and are “foodies” Our vacation will be in SA 3-20-4-4.

    We will be staying @ Auberge La Dauphine in Franschhoek Valley on March 24 and March 25.
    We would like to take a 2-3 hour cooking class while there

    Any suggestions /possibilities?

    Thank You

  40. Hi Dax

    I studied at Silwood Kitchen for +/- 2 1/2 years… Have now left the course, but I can vouch for their short courses. They’re very well-presented and go into quite a lot of detail. On the other side, the courses are often led by final-year students at the school which can be quite disconcerting, but they know what they’re doing 🙂

  41. michelle

    hi, i want to take customers on a course and was researching where to go! Finding your site has halved my work! Thank you, what great info!

  42. Katherine

    The food room, run by Kate George, runs cooking classes as well. They’re on facebook – and their website is
    The menus seem great, and seem to change quite frequently to suit the seasons.

  43. Hi

    I would like like to send my wife for cooking classes, as a surprise (Shes a great cook but loves cooking & wants to learn more). We both work & she would not be able to attend on a week day. Is there any cooking classes offered on week ends (besides Lewis Nieburg?



  44. Hi. Like Isabelle, I am looking for Chinese or Thai cooking classes. Any suggestions please? Thanks!

  45. Dinnerclub

    Here is our experience with Stircrazy in Houtbay, which we did for a dinnerclub.
    Su Brett also does an AMAZING thai cooking course that i did last year.
    Our Blog:

  46. Hello, I would like to join your cooking classes, but i dont seem to see the infomation details about your classes. Please can you provide me with some details as soon as possible. Thank you

  47. Hello all.
    I am wondering if anyone has any idea on where I could look into doing a more full on cooking course without having to sign up to a year or 3 year qualification. Something like an intense 6 or 12 week course?

    Thanks very much

    1. Hi Kirsty
      i offer cooking courses for 4 weeks, or one off’s, depending on what you want to learn.
      if you look at my webiste the new courses are being loaded all the time. i am in Sea Point.
      thank you Janis

  48. i got hooked up by one of the staff members there her name is Aisha and what i can say is that Capsicum is the best,they are very trendy and also have the latest technology to use in the kitchens and you dont use a pen and paper to do your notse in class. but use technology to do ur notes,etc.and especially the chocolataire courses is just lovely to do as a short guys should try them some time.and the staff is just amazing.

  49. Where can i get a certifiacte on a very short course on “Baking bread” The course shouldmt take longer than a month, please help?

  50. hi there!i’m interest in one of courses baker and confection can you direct me where can i find and much can be cost for part time course?my lovely regards joseph

  51. donald

    hi where can i find a short courses for baker,bread,cake,biscuit,desert,thank you

  52. Hi Dax
    Do you have any idea which of these are still running and costs? I’ve been meaning to get started, but with all the restaurant specials on at the moment mostly its just easier to eat out.

    1. I must admit I haven’t updated the list in a while, but most of them are still running. The prices will probably have increased a bit. I went to Sense of Taste which was good fun and I learnt a lot. You can read my full review here

  53. Debra Acquisto

    Would also like to know of any bakeries doing bread baking courses during the day
    many thanks Debbie

  54. please i need to know were i can study how to be a chef in capetown

  55. Coming from a smaal town, I am not familair with these techniques, recipes, and stores. Fortunately, I will be moving to Chicago in a few weeks and I hope to explore many of things that I have been missing out on. Perhaps I will evena ble to attend a few of the cooking demonstrations they have at various restaurants.

  56. Leilani

    Please advise if any courses in Durbanville? Have contacted the Little Pink chef. Wanting a course over a few weeks rather than one night!

  57. shamiel


    I am looking for a pizza making class using a pizza oven. Anyone know of a place in cape town.


  58. Heinrich

    Hi there, looking to do a pizza chef course in cape town. Can anyone assist pls?

  59. Desiré Naude

    Looking for French style cuisine lessons please!

    1. If you look through the comments above you’ll see info for Nadege Cuisine, that could be what you are looking for… Contact: Nadege-

    2. Hi Desire, There is a brilliant French Chef called Jerome who gives private classes in your home. His contact details are 076 096 9168. He is brilliant, cooks with the seasonal freshest ingredients, always deliciously presented and he’s a real show just to watch! 😉