Concert for a Cause review



Last weekend instead of going to a Kirstenbosch concert, I decided to support charity and went to the Concert for a Cause at The Range in Tokai instead. I  missed this concert last year and heard it was great so I wasn’t going to miss it again.

The line up was Little Kings, The Rudimentals, Goldfish and Prime Circle. All for R120, what a steal. In fact, that probably explains why all the tickets were sold out before the day and there was a long queue of people hoping to buy tickets on the day.

We only arrived close to concert start time, which was a mistake. The place was already packed and it was a mission to find a place to sit. We finally found a little spot on the side but it wasn’t very comfortable and half way through we went to stand with some friends in the bar area. The bar area was great. It was long with high tables and a covering which gave some protection from the hot sun. We stood for the rest of the concert, but we could see fine.

There was some food available for purchase and also some merchandise. I bought myself a great Tshirt (see pic). All proceeds from the tickets and the merchandise will be going toward needy charitites, through Heart.

The toilets were a problem as there were far to few of them, luckily the boys could just wander into the bushes and use a (lava)tree, leaving all the porta-loos to the girls. Basically, I think the venue was just too small. Now that they know how popular the concert is, they should move to a bigger venue and provide more toilets.

We had a great afternoon though, I look forward to next year’s Concert for a Cause.