I think home catering is going to become big. I realise that it’s not a new thing, but it has definitely been a luxury affordable only by the wealthier among us. However, I think that is changing. On Sunday, I went to my Aunt’s birthday lunch in Kalk Bay. She had 16 guests and the 3 course meal was prepared by a caterer. She didn’t have to do anything, the caterer provided the cutlery and crockery, prepared all the food and cleaned up afterwards. The food was absolutely stunning, I nearly exploded because I couldn’t stop eating. In addition, it was very healthy food. Having a caterer definitely contributed toward making it one of the nicest birthday meals I have attended.

Whilst a caterer will cost a bit more than preparing the food oneself, there are numerous advantages:
1) it’s cheaper than taking people to a restaurant (if you are wanting to treat your guests), especially booze wise as people can bring their own and whatever you supply would be half the price of a restaurant anyway
2) You don’t have the stress of thinking up a tasty/impressive menu and then having to go hunting all around town for the ingredients and the cutlery & crockery, etc.
3) You can be relaxed and refreshed to greet and entertain your guests because you don’t have to prepare food before people arrive
4) You can actually spend the time with your guests instead of in the kitchen preparing and serving food
5) You don’t have to be left with a million dishes to wash when you are tired from a long day/evening

I think it’s worth the extra expense. I know a number of freelance caterers so email me if you would like their details.


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  1. I think one of the best in town is probably Sense of Taste, whether it be catering for home, function or picnic, they take it very seriously.
    021 511 0426