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  • Win R1500 with Woolworths Earthcred

    Win R1500 with Woolworths Earthcred

    Woolworths’ latest sustainability initiative is Earthcred, an attempt to motivate people to make the correct buying decisions by ‘gamifying’ it. We’re giving away a R1,500 Woolies voucher and you can stand a chance to win it by signing up and playing Earthcred.

  • [Behind The Scenes] Tru-Cape Apples & Pears

    [Behind The Scenes] Tru-Cape Apples & Pears

    This post is part of a series called, Behind The Scenes, in which I will be looking at the provenance of some of the foods we consume. Looking at how they are produced and processed into the format in which we find them on our supermarket shelves. I was offered the opportunity recently, by Brian…

  • Willow Creek Olive Estate

    Olive oil. When I was young it wasn’t a big thing in South Africa. My father is Spanish and I thought he was weird for pouring it all over his food. But now, olive oil is so prevalent that you couldn’t escape it if you tried. Good quality olive oil, however, is a lot less…