Cape Colony Winter special

I recently posted the reasons why I thought winter restaurant specials are often a waste of time. The kind of restaurant special I do enjoy taking advantage of is when expensive restaurants make it just a little bit affordable for the average Joe in the street, like me. With these specials you get to taste the most amazing food in the greatest restaurants and while it isn’t cheap, it’s certainly cheaper than it would be otherwise.

I also compiled a list of my top specials, many of which are at high end restaurants. This special at the Cape Colony is another one which requires your attention. Chef Rudi Liebenberg is very talented and there is something special about going for dinner at the Mount Nelson. A perfect opportunity to spoil that special someone.

The special is five courses for R200. I took advantage of my position as invited guest and tried a few of the options as well. It was really a taste extravaganza. You’ve got until the end of June to try it out, unless they extend the special.

The menu will change regularly, depending on what is available locally, but this was our menu:

Smoked salmon parcel with prawn, avocado and lemon caper salsa
beetroot salad with labnah, cured ostrich
poached egg with a mushroom ragout
soup of the day
beef filet medallion with spinach tortellini, butternut puree, jus
line fish of the day
crème brûlée with sorbet and sablé

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  1. Hila June 2, 2010 at 9:06 am

    wow there are actually FIVE whole dishes and not 3 courses a sorbet and a coffee. Will definitely make more of an effort to go then