Caffe Neo review

Caffe Neo is a fairly new restaurant/deli in Mouille Point. I had breakfast there the other day and it was ok. The menu is quite limited for breakfast, my bacon and egg roll/sandwich thing was fine but quite pricey really. The thing is that it’s hard to shake off the slightly negative impression you get when they spill a whole cup of hot coffee on you.

It’s even harder to shake off that negative impression when they don’t even offer to comp one of the coffees on your bill. Maybe I’m weird but I think that would be a token compensation for me having to go all the way home and change (and get the pants washed) before I can carry on with my day. I don’t see why it’s my responsibility to explain that to them, so I paid for the coffee but can’t see myself rushing back again. Ever.

Caffe Neo
129 Beach Road, Mouille Point
021 433 0849