Cafe Beleza

The crown for best value breakfast in Cape Town has changed heads. You may remember Arnold’s in Kloof St. first wore the crown for their R14 (was R12) breakfast. Mugg & Bean stole it from them for their R16 ‘On the Go’ breakfast which, while being R2 more and minus a sausage, was tastier and came with nicer coffee.

Now, I am excited to introduce the new best value breakfast in Cape Town, Cafe Beleza in Kloof St. 2 eggs, a portion (3 or 4 slices) of bacon plus a slice of fried tomato and 3 slices of toast (yes, that is not a typo, 3 slices) all for the amazing price of R10.

The bonus is that the breakfast is actually very nice. The eggs are prepared properly (ie. no raw albumen), the bacon is not over or under cooked and on top of all that, the coffee is fantastic. You can dine alfresco on the deck and they serve breakfast until 2pm!

ps. if you’re there for lunch rather, try the burger and beer special for R20. The burger patty is a tasty homemade affair and it also works out to R10 if you take off the price of the beer.


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  1. where is cafe beleza – near arnolods????????

  2. Arnold’s is on Kloof, but Beleza is on Kloof Nek. It’s opposite Rafiki’s at the main intersection before the road starts winding up toward the mountain.

  3. Candice

    Hi All –
    (Dax I am cc-ing you for your info and would have liked to send to Cafe Beleza also – but can’t find any contact details……………)

    I may have sent you info (included at end of email) re Cafe Beleza, here is an update:

    Barry and I went to try out the breakfast on Saturday – service and cleanliness really shoddy, food was good though.
    On arriving we requested 2 glasses of water, I ordered a milo and we ordered 2 of the breakfast specials.
    Table dirty – requested it get cleared, which it was by first waiter – from here on out we only had second waiter.
    (Second waiter was unkept looking, slow and not particularly friendly, first waiter far more friendly).
    Dirty ashtray was not removed from table and remained there for duration of our stay – bearing in mind neither of us smoke and I am 6 months pregnant.

    Milo arrived – no water – asked again, breakfasts arrived – no water – requested yet AGAIN.
    Long haired person – male – checks on us and other tables in vacinity (think he may have been the manager),
    we again request water – this comes out shortly after – 2 BOTTLES of water??
    No – requested 2 glasses of everyday good tap water!
    Ask for bill – at his stage large table of students nearby, are still asking for their glasses of water – never did see them get theirs, our 2 glasses of tap finally get to us.

    At this stage we no longer wanted our water – had waited too long, ready to pay and go – oh and glasses were filthy.

    Breakfast was very tasty – but overall experience is not one I wish to repeat. The breakfast is served with white toast only – we requested brown or
    wholewheat, there was none. We were able to order rye at an additional charge of R6 per 2 slices (you get 3 slices of white included on breakfast special).
    I will certainly revert back to Arnold’s for future value breakfasts – value not solely financial, the vibe there works!

  4. Thanks for this feedback. I agree, the service is sometimes bad and other times it’s worse. So while the service at Arnold’s may be better, I still find the breakfast nicer and cheaper and the coffee is actually really good as opposed to Arnold’s which is undrinkable.

  5. I have eaten breakfast at beleza hundreds of times. It is the best value and the best breakfast in town. I also see the students that hang out there as if they are poverty stricken asking for glasses of tap water to nurse their hangovers…..i have also heard the “we are students nonsense”….come on, you are getting a fantastic breakfast for ten bucks……….i have also been to arnolds and there breakfast sucks… what can i say to the tap water drinker… much profit do you think is in the ten rand breakfast…..and maybe you should stay at home and that way i will always be able to get a seat on the deck.

  6. I have recently returned from London and I have being hearing about Beleza and their famous R10 breakfast all over Cape Town. I decided to go there yesterday morning. I must say it was fantastic, what a cool hip crowd that hangs out there. The breakfast was fantastic and you can add extras, so basically you can build up your breakfast to what you want, so I made mine phat. After drinking several bloody marys which cost R12 during the breakfast period I was well chilled out. I phoned some friends and they came over and we made a day of it. To cut a veryyy long lazy day short I had a tuna steak for late lunch which was the best tuna I have ever eaten. Anyway I thought I would let all you guys out there know Beleza rocks. Oh yes I saw Jako the drummer from fokofpolisiekar at Beleza so I will be spending my Sunday afternoon at their gig.

  7. raphaella

    The last time I went there, I went with a group of friends, and also requested tap water 4 times- we were ignored. I decided to mention to the manageress and co-owner that this was the case and that I thought this was not a particularly good example of service… She verbally attacked me, very loudly and in a very aggressive, hostile and antagonistic manner. It is a great shame that such disgusting behaviour was the result of a customer’s constructive criticism. It’s not pleasant to hear criticism, but all that is necessary is a simple “sorry” whether you agree or not.
    Why do they not just politely inform the customer on the menu that they do not serve tap water? Are they afraid they may lose custom???
    In a country where we are lucky enough to be able to drink the tap water without contracting cholera or hepatitis, why are customers made to feel like cheapskates for requesting such a thing?

    I find it interesting too, that both Jack, and Jensen and a number of other so-called “patrons” of Beleza are so vehemently defending this little eatery on every possible site. (I have also reviewed it on every possible site, as I feel it is only fair that readers gain an honest and balanced account of opinion). If the place really was so wonderful, is it really necessary to write such snarky, defensive responses to customers’ reviews?
    I have NO complaint about the food at this place, it’s even good(!), but their attitude ‘sucks’ and leaves a gaping hole where a pleasant experience could have been.

  8. so you want to have a R10 breakfast, chase that down with a glass of tap water, complain about the service and leave. you probebly want extra butter and some jam for your toast as well. why not just take the ashtray and cutlery home while you’re at it, you already want to rob the place.

    beleza is one of my favourite places in town, be it for drinks, cheap breakfast, peanutbutter milkshakes, great burgers, the vibe or the awesome people on the deck…

    take a seat and chill-the-hell out, the waitresses try their best, but its the idiots who want b/fast and tap water and waste their time and dont tip anyway that screws it up for every1.

    come on raphaella – just as some people will defend their fav spot everywhere, you go around slinging mud all over the place.
    get over it and move on if you dont like it, i’d like to join jack on the deck…

  9. …wir waren sehr sehr zufrieden – sei es Qualität, Preis oder Sevice – hier ist alles bestens! Das R10 Frühstück ist einfach unschlagbar. Es werden aber auch kleine Snacks für zwischendurch oder leckere Abendessen angeboten. Dazu gibt´s noch schöne Cocktails. Aber mein persönlicher Geheimtip – Banana Pancakes!!! Backgammon, Domino und Schachspiele sorgen für Unterhaltung – Was will man noch mehr?

  10. Just for interest’s sake…

    I had breakfast at Beleza this last Saturday, having not been for a while. The service was still pretty bad but it is apparent that they are understaffed and the waiters are doing their best.

    Interestingly, we ordered and received a glass of tap water as well as some jam for out toast.

  11. I like the craziness of a really busy restaurant. So therefore I find the whole experience enjoyable. You seem to be fixated on the R10 breakfast but I have eaten the Steaks, Prawns and many other dishes, and have found the food to be superb. What I really love about Beleza is that the food is so good and the prices are affordable. I think the waiters do a good job. I am a regular and have been since they opened. I find it cheaper to eat at Beleza than to cook at home. I also never order tap water because it tastes bad. Finally all I can say is well done guys you have given me good food and good times and i am looking forward to dinner tomorrow.

  12. i used to live right around the corner from beleza and we went there a few times for breakfast…
    for R10 you can’t really complain about it at all.

    but we stopped going there and decided to walk the extra block to arnold’s because of the service and the attitude of the management/owners at beleza…

    the place is understaffed and the poor waiters are run off their feet, i don’t blame them, i blame the owner. we’ve also had the unfortunate experience of hearing him YELLING horribly at his staff, which kinda ruins the vibe for me. plus, it gets annoying waiting so long for one’s drinks.
    arnold’s, although a few rand more, is a much more pleasant experience. the owner/manager is really friendly and cool with his staff. (unfortunately it seems when he is not on duty the service slips a little and can be quite slow too). but i’d rather eat somewhere where there’s not this antagonism coming from the kitchen…

  13. Francois

    I rate Beleza very highly when it comes to food. I know a lot of people think they only do breakfast, but there lunches and dinners are absolutely awesome. What really is great about beleza is not only the food great but they are priced that you won’t feel out of pocket when u leave. I recommend the livers 5/5…The rump steak 5/5….The burgers absolutely without a doubt the best in town.

  14. samantha

    At last my home away from home. Free internet fantastic. Delicious food. Fantastic coffee. Cocktails for 15 bucks super deals. Beleza is my office, my kitchen, my entertaining area. Fantastic

  15. Despite living around the corner from Beleza, I won’t support it.

    I ordered a “peri peri burger” and received a hamburger that had been topped with a chopped up green chilli. That’s NOT peri peri in my book and I’d been expecting a sauce of some sorts… When I politely asked the manager if I could perhaps send it back or get a peri peri sauce or sorts she threw an absolute tantrum, sticking her fingers in the food and shouting ‘What do you think that is?! THAT’S PERI PERI!!!’

    Er… no…

    Never again…

  16. Yes, unfortunately the owners are not good with people. This is one of the reasons Beleza will have to continue relying on their cheap prices to attract clientelle, which is sad because the food is actually quite good and the place has some character.

    By the way, the R10 breakfast is now R12.

  17. brian simons

    Undoubtedly the best value restaurant in the city and with very good food. My personal favourite breakfast is the matafome which is the standard breakfast plus 2 sausages and mushrooms R25. I often go for supper and have eaten almost all the meals on the menu and the food is very good. Unfortunately it seems that the cheapest people have a lot of negatives to say oh well blah blah to them. I eat out plenty and if I want good food I go to Beleza.

  18. Ronald, the owner of Beleza invited me to have a chat with him regarding some of the comments above. I know that there are always 2 sides to a story and so it was interesting to hear his perspective on some of these incidents.

    I’m not going to go into detail here, I have suggested to Ronald that he actually respond to people’s comments on the website so that we can read both sides of the story.

    One thing I will say is that Ronald told me that Beleza does not have a policy of not serving tap water, but that occasionally waiters might say they do because they are trying to increase their tips. He has spoken to them about it and if you have a problem, you can mention it to him directly. You might be interested to know that over the 3 years or so they have been open, they have served over 18 000 glasses of water (it is rung up as a zero value item on the till).

    While I was there, I had the steak with mash and gravy (about R85 on the menu I think), which was excellent. The coffee is definitely one of the better in Cape Town.

  19. I have eaten at beleza a few times (and will do so again many more times I hope) I think the place is great the food is fantastic and the owners are completely brilliant! If I could provide my husband with food as tastey as theirs and he complained about it or the service he would find himself wearing it as an accessory! as for the tap water drinkers…pah…get a life!

  20. Dorothee

    I have been to Beleza many times, I was even there for the opening night ( they had a power failure )which must a have been a good omen !
    The food is great, the vibe is so relax, the owners are cool.
    I was just reading the comments left by other people and all I want to say is that people will always complain about stupid details( like tap water ) and you know what if you are not happy then don’t come back and leave space for those of us who love going there.. cos after all Ronald does make the best gourmet burgers and potato wedges.

  21. We agree. One of the best places to eat in town. We love you guys!

  22. Jenny

    I was one of the many that braved the rain yesterday moring to have Breakfast at Beleza. And it was awsome have they changed the bacon to Back Bacon as it certainly looks and tasts like it, the service was great and they have a new bus boy clearing the tables, he’s what us ladies like to see a bit of eye candy. keep up the good work


  23. i must say, value for money this place is off the scale and the quality of the food is superb. Reading about all these tap water complaints is petty compared to the dining experience.

    Many times I have seen tables taken up by groups of people ONLY drinking tap water and ordering nothing els. I can understand why a waiter would get annoyed, I have waitered for many years myself. Some restaurants refuse to serve tap water because of this and only sell bottled water. Maybe ask for a glass of tap water to start with, then at least the waiter knows these people arent just there stealing oxygen.

  24. I don’t get this one. We must have just ordered the wrong thing or something. The food we had was shockingly bad. I took some visiting foodies there for a nice cozy local meal and I was so embarrassed. We had periperi prawns. Which were your small basic prawns swimming in a pool of sauce with some overcooked rice. My vegetarian friend had a dish that I can’t remember the name of but it was a huge bowl of overcooked aubergine and courgette with mashed potatoes on top of it. It was the most disgusting thing I have tasted in ages. We didn’t go expecting fancy gourmet, but this was still a surprise.

  25. It seems as though many years have passed since the last word on this somewhat understated gem of Cape Town.

    I recently moved to the city and have had the pleasure of calling Beleza home for the past year. I have never received bad service, food of a poor quality or anything that could warrant the undue harshness of some of these comments.

    Great value for money, friendly service and excellent quality food make Beleza my restaurant of choice. Not surprising to me then that Beleza has and will continue to be a destination of choice for both visitors and locals.