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Brio is in the old Riboville space and is owned by Lauren and Skippy who also own the Codfather in Camps Bay. It has a very different feel from Riboville. While Riboville was a large space with modern decor juxtapositioned against the old original wood paneling and marble walls, Brio embraces the old feel and the decor reflects the style and class of that era. Lovely chandeliers and ornate furniture combine to create a unique space. Some aspects remind me of the recently restored Casa Labia in Muizenburg. One might think that the space and decor would create a stiff environment, but it’s actually warm, welcoming and casual.

Brio is much smaller than Riboville was, which helps with the atmosphere. Where the sushi bar used to be is now a lounge (which can be used as a private dining option for functions etc) and on the other side is Liquorice and Lime coffee shop, so you can’t access Brio from St Georges mall side. The old bank manager’s office (which was a private dining rom, is now the smoking room with couches and a fireplace. The vault downstairs, one of the most interesting elements of this old building (built in 1893) is going to be used for something interesting apparently, but we’ll have to wait to see what that is as they are keeping it as a surprise.

The menu is quite short, with the mains consisting of approximately six meat options, six fish options, a chicken option and a vegetarian option. Prices are about normal for a smart Cape Town restaurant. A fillet steak with pepper sauce costs R136, or R116 without sauce. A burger with guacomole and bacon costs R79, and the whole baby chicken seems quite pricey at R149. We were in the mood for seafood and seeing as there is a connection to the Codfather, we thought we would give it a go. Instead of having the grilled calamari (R49) and steamed mussels (R58) for starter, then moving onto linefish (R118) and prawns (R189), we opted for the seafood platter for two (R600). They did twist convince us to have the deep fried camembert (served with rocket, caramelised macadamia nuts, figs and a balsamic – R62) to start. The starter was delicious, the fresh rocket cut through the rich camembert and the caramelised macadamia nuts were an interesting addition.

The seafood platter was really good. Grilled line fish, Mozambican prawns, langoustines, grilled calamari and crayfish all served in a bain-marie type dish with a flame below to keep it all warm. I hate it when seafood platters get cold half way through, so this method of serving is awesome. By the time you get to the bottom layer it’s all nice and hot. My partner doesn’t eat shell fish so I tucked into the nice big, firm prawns. I think there were about three of those. Then I moved onto the two langoustines (my favourite) before finishing off the lobster. I kept quiet while my partner was raving about the calamari and fish. I had some of the calamari and fish next (there was so much food we couldn’t finish it) and they were both really tasty, but I definitely got the sweet end of that deal!

The platter came with the house peri peri sauce which was lovely, hot but not too hot and very tasty. Great for dipping the chips in and adding some flavour to the rice (apart from lathering all of the the seafood obviously). We washed the meal down with a bottle of Glen Carlou Pinot Noir (R333) which was a perfect match. Sides like marrows or creamed spinach are around R25 each.

The wine list is quite expensive. While there are some option a smidgen under R200, most are well over that mark. So while the food is not unreasonably priced (although I would offer the seafood platter with the crayfish as an option to make it more approachable), the wine can make it an expensive meal. It’s probably worth taking advantage of the R40 corkage (for 1st bottle, R60 for more) if you plan to consume a few bottles.

For dessert we tried the Lindt chocolate souffle (R45) which was fantastic. It was super rich though, enough for two people easily. We also tried the mille feuille,(R48) described as fresh fruit and custard between layers of pastry. We weren’t blown away by it and left most of it while we focused on trying to overdose on chocolate.

What separates Brio from other restaurants, is that it is one of the few that offer live music and the option to dance. In fact, Skippy occasionally steals the microphone from the vocalist and surprises the patrons with some pretty decent singing. Skippy and Lauren are very friendly and welcoming, making one feel at home in their restaurant. All of this adds up to an experience which is more than just having a meal out. Dinner at Brio is an experience, and while it’s not inexpensive, it’s worth repeating.

They have a lovely bar, so if you feel inclined you could pop in for a drink and soak up the atmosphere and vibe without having to dine there. Cocktails are around R45 each.

Brio 1893
ABC Building, 130 Adderly Street
Tel: 021 422 0654


4 responses to “Brio review”

  1. After having experienced the complete dining experience that is Brio, I can highly recommend this establishment. From the opulent decor to simple but tasty menu, swift, efficient service, the whole experience was fantastic. The band was great and added that little something extra the experience. For me, though, what made it a cut above the rest was the personal experience… Skippy the owner ever present, interacting with patrons, sharing his experiences and then getting up with the band to bust out some tunes…. and the man has some pipes!

    Highly recommend Brio, though not cheap, very well worth the experience!

  2. Josh P

    Brio must be one of the most over-rated restaurants in Cape Town. Disgraceful service and very mediocre food.

    We arrived at 8:30pm last Saturday night, and ordered our food at 9. At 10:30 (I’m not joking) the waiter came to tell me they had run out of the chicken disk I ordered. So I ordered a burger specifying no bacon and mash. At around 10:50pm (almost 2 hrs after our table had ordered!), they brought the food. They brought my burger with the bacon and chips (besides getting a few side-orders wrong for the others).

    The owner / manager is far more interested in singing on stage than managing his restaurant (he used to be a performer), and gets out of complaints and bad service by offering cheap drinks on the house. If you’re a sucker, love to waste your money on expensive mediocre poser food establishments and rubbish service, then this place is for you, otherwise there’s plenty of better places in town.

  3. Lauren

    I would like to respond to Josh’s comment above. My name is Lauren and together with my husband Skippy am the owner of Brio.I would like to sincerely apologize for the experience you had at Brio last Saturday night. It is always our policy to create an extra special evening when dining at Brio.In saying that we are only human and being human we can make mistakes. It is with regret that this happened to you.They say in life it is not the situation we find ourselves in but how it is responded to. I would really like to contact you personally to chat and to try and make this up to you. if you are open to hearing from me please drop me your contact details to

  4. A friend asked me to book a table of 16 at a restaurant for his 30th birthday celebration. He wanted a nice vibe that would get a little festive later on.

    Brio was my logical choice. We had a great time, the service was great, the food was great and the entertainment was great. Everyone enjoyed themselves and commented on how nice the restaurant was.

    The birthday boy was very impressed and appreciative at how well his celebration turned out.