Bed on Bricks

Last night  I met some friends at Alba in the Waterfront to check out Bed on Bricks. I’ve heard of them, but have never actually heard them play.

I was very impressed. Despite very interesting conversation with a great group of people, I found myself spending a lot of time focused on listening to and watching the band. I’m proud to inform you that they are a Cape Town band, adding to the long list of quality bands coming from my city.

I checked out their website this morning and was surprised to see they already have 2 albums out and are working on a third. Under the Audio option on their website you can listen to 30 seconds clips of the songs from their 2 albums, “Humanarium” and “If you see Kay”. Just be aware that although they are only 30 seconds long, the files are pretty big, about 5MB each.

I’ve ordered “If you see Kay” from, the other album seems to be difficult to find.


One response to “Bed on Bricks”

  1. Bed on Bricks are performing at the Zula Sound Bar in Long St. on the 9th Nov ’07.