Art Exhibition: Water and Dust

My artistic skills are retarded. When I draw a stick man, it takes people a while to figure out what it is. For this reason I did not take art as a subject at school, nor did I ever get involved in any art related activities after school. The result is that my knowledge of art is very limited and unfortunately this means my appreciation of art is too, very limited. When I have someone explaining the art to me, talking about techniques and materials and all those things, I definitely appreciate it more. For the most part though, the art I like is the art I think looks nice.

I have one friend in particular who’s art has always appealed to me, Sharon Boonzaier. I find it quite fascinating that one person can be so talented. Over the years I have seen her express her creativity in many different ways: making puppets, making handbags, accessories, drawing cartoons and storyboards, making decorations, making circus costumes, making clothes as well as designing and painting. She painted the mural at Riboville which is awesome, go and check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Despite all the work Sharon has done over the years, she is only now about to have her first exhibition. It’s a collaboration with Caroline Gibello, a very talented photographer. They have created some very unique and beautiful works which combine painting and photography in a completely new take on the African theme. Apart from the collaborative works, they will be exhibiting some of their personal work. I have seen some of the pieces and they are really something special. I’m not promoting Sharon because she is a friend, I have plenty of friends who are artists (all of whom will probably never talk to me again after I post this) and I don’t generally promote their work on the site. This exhibition is a Relax with Dax recommendation.

3rd Dec, 6pm-8:30pm and 4th Dec, 9am-6:30pm
Centre for the book
62 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town City


2 responses to “Art Exhibition: Water and Dust”

  1. What a wonderful write up! May you go from strength to strength with ‘RELAX WITH DAX’ great stuff!!!!

    Water and Dust Exhibition: Fabulous work by two great artists, just watch them take the art world by storm! Totally original ground breaking creativity! Not to be missed.

    All lv Lainey B (DJ LAB)

  2. Some pics to give you an idea of what to expect: