The Strandloper review

I’m surprised that I haven’t reviewed the Strandloper before as I have eaten there several times. The first time was many years ago, before I moved to Cape Town (they have been going for 14 years) and the most recent occasion was last weekend. The experience has not changed much between then and now.

A visit to the Strandloper is not just a meal, it’s an experience. I would say that the food is quite average, but the experience is worth every cent. The Strandloper on the beach, and I don’t mean next to the beach, I mean you are sitting on wooden benches on the sand. Shade is provided by fishnets draped over supporting poles. It’s very rustic, but that’s the vibe. You take your own drinks, but they do have a bar now. It’s a whole afternoon experience (I haven’t been for dinner, only lunch), you arrive at about midday and only leave around 5pm. There are 10 courses and you can take a walk on the beach or have a swim in between. There are about 5 courses of fish, and the other courses are mussels, paella, lamb & waterblommetjie bredie and the highlight is the bread which they bake in the rocks which you smother with one of the homemade jams. The final course or dessert, is a crayfish tail.

All the seafood is caught and supplied by local fishermen. The people that work there are all from the area as well. They have a guy who cruises around with his guitar and sings to the patrons. He sounds terrible, but it adds to the experience. Obviously your experience will be affected by the weather and in fact, when the weather is too bad, the Strandloper is closed. It is really an amazing experience, especially if you are entertaining tourists, they love it. The meal costs R160 per head, people who don’t like seafood can have just the bredie and the bread & jam (not to mention the experience) for half price.

The Strandloper
Tel: 022 772 2490 / 083 227 7195


4 responses to “The Strandloper review”

  1. It also helps when Dax is performing his usual quips and insightful puns. I must add, that this time, I really took time to eat, as not to stuff myself full, which resulted in me missing a couple of coarses. Eat litttle frequently. And go back for seconds of the bread and jam, no matter how much you like crayfish.


  2. Hehe. Ditto on the bread. It is the highlight of the experience.

  3. The last time I visited the Strandloper with a group of friends for a marathon lunch session, it began to drizzle. No problemo. The staff handed us black plastic bin bags that we punched arm-holes in and wore as rain… vests. A couple of enamel mugs of brandewyn later and we were all singing along with the resident troubadour.


  4. can u change the price to R 190 , 12’s & over; under 12 pay according to heght, and under 5’s & pets are free

    thks !