The Foodbarn Chef’s Table

I was very lucky to be invited by Franck Dangereux to enjoy his Chef’s Table at the Foodbarn. I’ve always been a fan of the Foodbarn and Franck’s cooking so this was an opportunity I was not going to miss.

This 6 course lunch was paired with Nitida wines (have a look at that website, it’s one of the coolest wine estate websites I’ve seen). But not just one wine per course, we were given a mini vertical of each wine so two different vintages of each! I was impressed with Nitida wines, I’d never really had the opportunity to try them properly. Testing the different vintages was interesting, I was really blown away by the older sauvignon blancs. Also, wines are always better paired with great food. It was interesting trying both wines with each course and working out which paired better.

The food, every course, was amazing. The dessert was really spectacular.

Below is the menu with not very good photos (taken with my Blackberry) of each course. When you’ve had a look at it you will probably want to book for the next Chef’s Table. You can do so by calling the restaurant on 021 789 1390. There are only 15 seats at the Chef’s Table and the price is about R600. More information is available on the Foodbarn website.

Course 1
Fresh fish sashimi with lemon and chives on slightly smoked eggplant, served with croutons, confied shallots and home grown tender leaves
Paired with: Nitida Sauvignon Blanc 2009 and 2011

Course 2
Home made fettuccine with shitake mushroom, buttered miso, fresh mint & coriander
Paired with: Nitida Semillon 2003 and 2010

Course 3
Crispy duck livers served with braised endives & fresh wild rocket, finished with a Port and mild chilli cream
Paired with: Nitida Coronata 2007 & Coronata Integration 2010

Course 4
Grilled free range beef rump, served with mushroom & ricotta ravioli, finished with a walnut and parsley vinaigrette
Paired with: Nitida Calligraphy 2002 and 2010

Course 5
The friendship “tartine” of Camembert like my Granddad used to do
Paired with: Nitida Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 and 2010

Course 6
Fresh black figs and berries gratinated in a almond sabayon and served with a peach and rosemary ice cream
Paired with: Nitida NLH 2008 and Nitida Modjadji 2011


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