Stardust review

On Saturday night I went to Stardust in Main Road Rondebosch for a friend’s birthday. What a great night we had. I have to give them 10 out of 10 for an original concept. There is a little stage and all the waitrons (is this really a word now?) are studying performing arts of some kind. So every half an hour or so someone stands up on the stage and sings a song or plays a musical instrument. Fuelled by some alcohol, the patrons get quite involved in the entertainment. All of which creates a very festive vibe.

Luckily the waiters are heading into the arts and not the service industry because the service is pretty bad. Although admittedly it is quite hard to serve in such a rowdy environment, so we won’t make a big thing of it. The food though, is another story. Some of the dishes were apparently ok, although after waiting 2 hours for food, most things taste ok (hunger is the best spice and alcohol comes a close second). I had the fish, which was terrible. The fact that it was cold didn’t help but the fish was overcooked to the point of rubberiness. If I wasn’t so hungry I would never have subjected myself to that. My only consolation was that the ‘Paella’ (the quotes are so I don’t disrespect the good name of paella) was a lot worse. I’ve never seen (not to mention smelt) a more horrible plate of food. It was like a paella flavoured soup with some cold mussels and one prawn on top. I refused to even taste it.

I recommend Stardust for a fun night out as long as you have no expectations with respect to food. Have the Moussaka or one of the chicken dishes, they seemed to be the best options.

165 Main Road, Rondesbosch
Tel: 021 686 6280