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Shopping For Cars On Gumtree

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I recently sold my car on Gumtree. I had bought a car through a contact rather than through a dealer so I did not have the option of trading in my old car, so I needed a way to sell it. I did some investigating and a lot of the car websites wanted me to pay to put in an advert while Gumtree was free if I didn’t take the optional extras which presumably assist one to sell a car faster. It was a painless experience. I put the car in on the Friday evening and I started to get some emails (I preferred the idea of emails to getting calls from random people). Some offered me much below what I was asking, those I kindly declined. A few others asked to come view the car. The next day I showed it to 2 people. The first one offered me a few thousand Rand less than my asking price and told me to call him if I didn’t get a better offer. The next person offered me between the first offer and my original asking price so  I took it. He paid me cash and took the car with him.

While I was playing around on Gumtree I was impressed with how many cars are for sale there. They range from old skedonks (did you know that is a real word? I thought it was South African slang!) through to the larniest of larny cars. It’s not only private sales but also dealers listing stock. Which makes it very convenient because normally you have to drive from dealer to dealer to see what they have and compare. On Gumtree you can select from the multiple criteria in the sidebar and it will filter your options for you. So if you’re looking for a BMW 3-series that is less than 4 years old and has less than 100 000kms on the clock and is in the Western Cape, you can ask it to show you exactly that! You can also exclude cars that are outside your price bracket. So basically you can find all the options, whether dealer or private sale (you can choose to see both or one only), that match what you are looking for without leaving the comfort of your chair!

I started to dream a little while I was playing on the site and decided to check out my dream car. I have a few dream cars actually, but keeping it under R1m seems like a more realistic dream car than the Ferraris and Aston Martins (I like Aston Martins). So I put in the criteria to find a recent model BMW Z4. I LOVE the latest shape Z4. The previous Z4 didn’t even turn my head, but this latest one really turned up the heat. I found this one, and it looks POTENT!

Gumtree Z4 Gumtree Z4 Gumtree Z4

Just look at that aggressive curved bonnet, it looks like a shark at the front. It’s a convertible but with a solid roof that folds away. Then look at the red leather interior. They call that colour Kansas Coral. What a weird name, how do they even come up with that? But I don’t mind what it’s called, it looks amazing! The other thing I like about the new range of BMWs is the interior. The dashboard, the gear lever, the steering wheel and the finishes. So much nicer than the previous range. It looks really smart and sporty. Click here to see the original Gumtree ad with more pics.

Sadly it is well out of my price range at R595,000! *Sob*

What’s your dream car under R1m? Tell me in the comments below…


5 responses to “Shopping For Cars On Gumtree”

  1. sebastian

    Golf 7 R

    1. That is a nice car 🙂

      1. sebastian

        they hijacked mine 2 months ago. but I miss it still. the problem is that there is nothing in the country at the moment. So I have to wait for July for the shipment to come in

        1. Eek! Glad you weren’t hurt!

          1. sebastian

            still angry that my son was with me in the car and the guys who took it were driving White Golf 7 GTI with blue lights and JMPD uniform. I plan not to stop for any cop ever. Plus im doing shooting range on weekends. I know they say never say never BUT im saying it will NEVER happen again