Sevruga review

When people hear that I review restaurants, often the first thing they ask is which is my favourite restaurant. That is actually a very difficult question to answer because it will depend on many things: The occasion, the person/people I’m with, my mood, the weather, what I feel like eating, etc. There is a place for many different types of restaurants on my list of favourites. Sometimes I recommend restaurants to other people even though I don’t like going there myself, because I know they will enjoy it even though it’s not my cup of tea.

Sometimes I like to go to a casual, inexpensive restaurant, where you can just relax and not worry about anything. Other times I like to go to a top, smart restaurant and spoil myself with fantastic service, no-expense-spared decor and food at the next level. My visit to Sevruga was one of those, a fantastic treat.

We sat outside to start as it was a lovely day and the heaters kept the vestiges of winter at bay. We had sushi to start, from a sushi menu which is identical to Beluga. This is no surprise as Sevruga is the sister restaurant of Beluga. I ordered my favourites which are salmon roses (R42) and prawn tempura california rolls (R60). Before the sushi arrived, they brough us each a complimentary taster of sticky tuna, which was tasty and a nice gesture. I would say the sushi was a bit better than Beluga and good value at 25% discount because we ordered before 7pm.

After the starter we moved to warmer pastures inside. The decor is fantastic, with no expense spared (except maybe the tables, but you’re not supposed to lift the tablecloths). It has a warm ambiance and the restaurant was full so it had that buzz which is always appealing. A very classy place. For mains I tried the fillet steak bated in olive oil and rock salt (R89 – 280g) which had been recommended to me. It did not disappoint. The best steak I’ve had since The Vault. My partner had defeated her appetite with the sushi so she ordered 2 side dishes of wok fried veggies (R14) and skinny fries (R14). I ordered the mediterranean veggies as a side for my steak. The veggies were fresh and I love skinny fries.

The wine list is extensive and not as expensive as one might expect. We enjoyed a Saxenburg blend at R120. But if you’re looking for an excuse to spend money, there were wines available for as much as R1500.

The service was very good, even though the restaurant is quite new. Other waiters or even managers walking past would clear plates and glasses rather than leave it for your ‘allocated’ server, which I like. It’s nice to be able to call on any of the servers and not worry whether it’s the correct one.

All in all, I was very impressed with Sevruga. I really enjoyed my meal and the experience. I will definitely be back.

Shop 4, Quay 5, V&A Waterfront
021 421 5134


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  1. Great restaurant, great food. But beware if you book a table for two, we were seated next to a pillar and on the other side (pretty close) was another such table, with an extremely loud-mouthed JHB kugel holding forth. Needless to say, I know more about her life now than my dates! The server left the drawing pin type thingy in the steak which is used to tell them how it is cooked, luckily it was spotted before it was swallowed or it could have caused damage.

  2. I had dinner here last night, after walking out of Pepenero because they ignored us for 15 minutes after seating us.

    I had the linefish (R89) and my partner had the 26pc sushi platter special (R109). Food was great and service was good.

    We ordered 2x glasses of sauvignon blanc without looking at the menu. They charged us R49 per glass. That is their most expensive white by the glass. They go as low as R26 per glass. That was completely unnecessary and left a negative impression of an otherwise fantastic experience.

  3. Had dinner here again last night. Started with a prawn tempura california roll (R66) and a portion of salmon roses (R46), the sushi was good as usual.

    For mains we both had Salmon, both special dishes. I thought they were bringing us Cape Salmon but it turned out to be Norwegian which I normally don’t enjoy, but it was actually very good. Nice crunchy veggies and a lovely sauce over the mash. Partner enjoyed her Salmon strips done Asian style.

    I know some people have been complaining about the service, our service was good. In fact, they graciously took back the bottled water we ordered when our consciences compelled us to order tap instead. Admittedly the place was only half full inside and empty outside so there wasn’t much pressure on the service.

    I was informed that they have opened their deli in the Waterfront next to Vida. From the description, it demands a visit.

  4. Michelle

    I visited the deli yesterday; it is just a shop with fridges; nothing new and seriously disappointing!

    1. Oops, that’s no good. They did say that it had opened only a few days ago and that they still had quite a bit more to do. So maybe it will improve in a few weeks?

  5. Hi Dax and Michelle

    Yes – the deli has now been opened for 7 days. A very insightful week it has been. As far as products goes, we have been testing the waters, and been more cautious to begin with. The deli products include meats, soups, sauces, preserves, biltongs, duck and chicken pates, cheeses, homemade hummus as well as truffles and oils. On the counter are quick easy meals – (sushi, fresh homemade sandwiches, salads) a quick take away or dinner in a jiffy.
    We have refrained from over-stocking with frivalous products that are too expensive. The premise for the Caviar Fine Foods Deli is – ” ~make sure our clients will be back for excellent quality products at great affordable prices.~”
    Our deli assistants would love to show you what is in those fridges the next time you are in the V&A – even better – give you a taste of them to, as they say in the food industry – proof is in the pudding. Just ask for Darren or Gwan.
    We will also be doing a range of easy dinners – lasagnes etc.Dax – if you dont mind – I will keep this site posted for each of the new products as they are introduced to the Deli –

    Thanks very much for the feedback – as a growing brand – let us know what you would like to be included and to see happening, so that -if possible- we can include it in our development.


    1. I popped into the deli this evening and found that it does have some interesting and appealing products. The ready made meals such as salmon pasta salad looked tasty and were much cheaper than the equivalent from Woolworths.

      They have various sauces and condiments which are a mission to make, I’m happy to pay the between R20 and R30 to save myself the effort. The meat selection is also great because it’s often difficult to find things like duck and game meats, and they were reasonably priced. One could put together a very interesting meal from there and it would be cheaper than Woolworths I reckon.

      I was in a bit of a rush but I will definitely be back with a shopping basket.

  6. I walked past the Caviar Deli on Saturday and saw they had a table outside where you could taste various pate’s on bread…OH MY WORD…the duck liver pate and the chicken liver pate were absolutely amazing. I bought the chicken liver pate which was only about R25 – and WAY better than woolworths. their bread with olives in was outstanding and only R4…yes, R4!!!! I am not a fan of Sevruga or Beluga but well done on an awesome deli. Yes, it is pretty much fridges inside and not somewhere that i would walk into on my own..but the amazing food makes up for it.

  7. I had dinner at Sevruga again the other night and it was once again a pleasant experience. I just thought I should tell you that the double-baked soufflé starter (R69) is amazing.

    Spoil yourself or order it to share, just make sure you order it!

  8. Hi Candi

    Thanks for the feedback on the deli. If you like the duck liver pate – try the individual Duck Breast seasoned at R19,00. Its easily packaged and pre-cooked, so you just pop it in the oven when you hit home.

    The Deli has been running “opening” specials throughout the month of October – which we have extended to the 19th November ’09. (Sensing a repeat of the Beluga special here?) The products are incredibly well priced, and we have enjoyed the feedback. Ask for Lindi at the Caviar deli – she will be more than happy to take you through the best daily products.

    If you enjoy interesting easy food, try the butternut pesto (R19.95) and sun dried tomato pesto dips (R19,95) – add in a bag of the multi grain melba toast wafers (at 4,00 a bag, roughly 8-9 slices in a bag) – and you have a wickedly tasty snack with your bottle of wine at home.

    Please keep sending us feedback about the products you have tried: you are welcome to send it directly to me at


  9. Hey Dax

    That souffle is a winner. We’re glad you enjoyed it! We have changed a few dishes since with the launch of the new Cookbook menu on the 1st November. However the Salmon souffle is one of those dishes we just couldn’t tamper with.

    P.S. Cookbook is doing so well, we have doubled the next print before 15 December.

    Thanks again Kari

  10. I ate at Sevruga on Sat night (27 Nov). We had seen a movie and had eaten a lot of popcorn, but after wandering around the Waterfront for a while, at 10pm we felt peckish.

    I’d tried to book for Sevruga last summer and wasn’t able to get in. So we were pleasantly surprised to be given a warm welcome on a Sat night at 10pm, dressed in jeans and takkies, with not a glance at our attire. The place was very empty and we got a table outside. The inside was freezing cold with the aircon, and I must say, I found the interior decor very sterile. (My boyfriend thought it was great!) While on the interior, those toilets are like a combo of being on a train and in a portaloo. At least the interior light shines just enough to show you if the toilet seat is clean (perhaps I should be happy not to be able to see the rest of the cubicle). But what a squash to exit the toilet while others are washing their hands. Clearly the designer was not a woman — no sense that women linger in toilets a lot longer than men!

    I ordered a rose cocktail, and it tasted like medicine — I wanted to try something different. My boyfriend had a glass of white (I forget what), and for R49 it was well worth it — the glasses are huge and you get a lot more wine than a R25 glass in another restaurant. Quality was excellent.

    The sushi was so-so. We ordered vegetarian, and I’ve tasted better at Wakame and elsewhere.

    The outside heaters are so bright that you feel like you’re sitting in a brightly lit Checkers aisle. They need to work on the outside ambiance. Initially we were seated at a table behind a door — even though there were other empty tables! And the two-seater is rather big and we felt so far away from each other, made worse by a table of screeching women, with one holding court at the top of her voice. So we moved to another table where we could sit next to each other and hear each other talk over the raucousness.

    The service was impeccable. I wouldn’t go back again at night with those supermarket-bright lights. But I guess, during the day, with a good cocktail (let’s hope they can improve on the one I had) and the view and atmosphere of the Waterfront — being seated so close to the water — is second to none.