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I remember when I was much younger that I thought Samsonite was a material, maybe because it sounded like Kryptonite. I thought it was a special indestructible material and companies used it to make indestructible suitcases.

I learnt later on that I was wrong. Samsonite is not a material but an actual company that makes various types of suitcases and luggage. But I wasn’t entirely wrong, they may be made of other materials but they are pretty much indestructible. We didn’t see the ads here in SA, so take 45 seconds to watch this one.

My first solo overseas trip after leaving school was a backpacking trip through Europe and since then I have continued to use my trusty backpack. But I’m not so young anymore and carrying that thing around and hoisting it on onto my back was starting to hurt my joints and ligaments and whatever else holds me together. This year I partnered with Samsonite and I’ve now done a few trips using Samsonite luggage and it’s been life changing. Moving my luggage around on wheels is so easy I feel like some sort of VIP.

This month I depart on a #DreamTrip to Australia and Hong Kong. I’m spending a couple of weeks in Sydney, one week in Melbourne and one week in Hong Kong. A 4 week trip with winter in Hong Kong and summer in Australia means quite a bit of clothing and I’m excited to be using my beautiful Lite-Cube #DreamLuggage. This sexy looking suitcase is super tough and only weighs an incredible 2.8kgs!

Check it out my Lite-cube suitcase on the Samsonite website.

The Competition

But enough about me. Let’s talk about what I have for you. Samsonite is offering a very generous prize for readers of Relax With Dax. The prize is 2 suitcases from the new Neopulse range, the 75cm suitcase (value R4,795) plus the 55cm carry on suitcase (value R3,995). That’s a total prize value of nearly R10,000!

Samsonite Neopulse

The eye-catching Samsonite® Neopulse™ collection redefines the benchmark for lightweight polycarbonate luggage, offering the perfect combination of lightness and strength thanks to its innovative design.

The unique suitcase design is self-reinforced by clever use of continuing lines. These are strategically placed to add strength to the case and its corners, which absorb the biggest part of the impact when dropped or thrown during travel. Next to adding strength, the design also contributes to lightness, making Neopulse the lightest polycarbonate Samsonite suitcase to date. The cabin size Spinner 55 only weighs 2.2kg, allowing you to pack more while you can rest assured that your belongings will be well protected.

Boasting features such as an integrated TSA accepted lock, smooth rolling double wheels, a practical interior and a double pull handle; Neopulse is the perfect travel companion. Check out the Neopulse features and specifications here.

This is your #DreamLuggage and you can win it. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what your #DreamTrip would be and which colour you would choose for your #DreamLuggage. The colour descriptions are listed in the Neopulse range specifications here.

A big thank you to Samsonite for this awesome prize. Use these links to show your support for Samsonite by following them on social media > Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

Competition Rules, Terms & Conditions

  • The competition will close to entries on the 28th of December 2015.
  • The winner will be randomly selected on the 29th of December 2015 and notified shortly thereafter.
  • The winner will be able to select their preferred colour from current stock (some colours may be out of stock).
  • The prize will be couriered to the winner within South Africa only.
  • The prize will be delivered after the 11th of January 2016.


75 responses to “Samsonite Luggage Giveaway”

  1. Andrea Ferry

    My #DreamTrip would follow a particular path which I shall explain in a moment.

    It would start in Warsaw, Poland to explore the restored Old Town, once known as the “Paris of the North”. From there I would fly with my trusty luggage to Denver, Colorado to enjoy some skiing and country music. Massachusetts would be my next port of call, exploring Boston and Nantucket. This journey is also the journey of Samsonite:

    On the way home I would have to pop visit Israel, the home of the biblical figure of Samson, after whom this luggage is named.

    Oh would like the sand colour please!

  2. Whelan Fielding

    My #DreamTrip is to explore St. Petersburg, Russia, in the summer! Ive heard stories that winter will freeze my lungs in one breath. It also means I can test my Russian language “legs”. I’ll at least know how to swear properly, if my lungs ever did freeze, and I suspect their summer is NOT a SA summer, or winter for that matter.

    My colour of my #dreamLuggage would definitely be Metallic Red, Im forever confusing my current bag for someone elses. EVERYBODY seems to have black. Time to stick out and wheel my bag away in style.

  3. My #DreamTrip is to go Victoria Falls I want to see this Natural Wonder with my own eyes and experience it first hand and walk through the rain forest and stand in awe. My #DreamTrip also include staying at the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Livingstone and also dinner on the Livingstone Express train while there. My current old but well traveled suitcase is not going to make the cut if I want to travel and stay in style. The Neopulse #Samsonite suitcases will give me the edge. The Metallic Red color would be nice thank you.

  4. Cassandra C

    My #DreamTrip is to go to Bali and attend Surf Goddess Retreat which is all about Surfing, Yoga and Wellness and my #DreamLuggage colour would definitely be the Metallic Red

  5. Patricia Edwards

    My dream trip is to return to the Seychelles. Pristine beaches great food friendly people. What could be better. I would love the charcoal case

  6. My #dreamtrip would be to discover Amsterdam, including attending The North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. My favourite #dreamluggage is metallic blue

  7. zaakirah rossier

    My #dreamtrip would be to go to the beautiful Thailand. I’ve been dreaming about it for years and have finally started to save for our trip. Can’t wait. I’d take the red one #dreamluggage

  8. Sulani Grobler

    My #dream trip would be to somewhere away from the bus sleep of tourists and reach of cell signals. I’m thinking white beaches, greenest forests and bright blue waters to match my metallic blue Samsonite luggage.

  9. I have ticked many places off my list, Europe, Ireland, UK, Thailand, Maldives, Mozambique, Botswana – but… I want to explore the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer. Up on our list is Hawaii, Seychelles, Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados, Belize…and the list just goes on.
    Metallic Blue #DreamLuggage

  10. Adele Els

    My #dream trip would be to travel to Cambodia,Laos and Vietnam with silver Neopulse Samsonite luggage!

  11. #Dreamtrip is to Bora Bora, an island of French Polynesia, in the Pacific ocean.

    It’s very far from where I live (and expensive to get there) but one day, even if I am 50/60/70 years old, I will embark on a journey to make it happen and visit Bora Bora.

    Feel the sugary white sand beneath my feet and float in those jewel coloured waters for what will seem like an eternity. My choice of colours for the Neopulse colours would be the beautiful Metallic Sand and Metallic Blue.

    Already a Samsonsite user, it would be my only choice as my #DreamLuggage when I set course to my dream destination, whenever it might happen, now or in 20 years time.

  12. Susan Geyer

    Hmm… my dream trip is to go to Italy on a Foodie Holiday. Stay with the locals and learn from the Nonnas! Sitting at the kitchen table with the families!!
    Would love the blue set of #DreamLuggage.

  13. Bianca Balutto

    My dream trip would be going to Europe and visiting my family that I have never met..would love to go to all the museums and see the beautiful architecture in Europe. I have never travelled before and always dreamt of travelling and experiencing different cultures and food. I would choose the turquoise bag. #DreamTrip #DreamLuggage

  14. rehana seedat

    My dream trip would be going to India. India is a country that can’t be explained; it must be experienced. A walk down the street here in Kolkata is a smorgasbord of sights, sounds, and smells: business men yapping into cell phones, beggars clanking their collection of pocket change, colorful saris, chaotic traffic constantly honking, savory smells of street food, , the muggy heat in full sunshine. It’s a kind of chaos that somehow flows when you least expect it, and you definitely won’t find it anywhere else. My favourite #dreamluggage is Samsonite metallic blue

  15. Carol Roos

    We always went the self-catering route with family holidays, so I’m really easy to please. My dteam trip now would be any trip which includes hotels and no meal preparation. A Bali wedding is happenin in September, and Metallic Red luggage would suit me just fine.

  16. To go with my choice of metallic blue luggage, my #dreamtrip is to explore Italy- the food, wine, people & sheer magnificence of the country are whispering gently to come & play 🙂

  17. My #DreamTrip is to Turkey, flying into Istanbul on the nice new direct flight from Cape Town, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city before moving through the country, exploring the coast of Turkey. From there I would travel to Croatia exploring the many islands before popping into Florence and Venice Italy.
    My #DreamLuggage is the Metallic Red

  18. My #dreamtrip would be a trip through Scandanavia exploring theses far-north countries with such rich histories and it has to be in winter to experience a few days of night-only winters in a small town in Norway. And my #dreamluggage colour would be metallic blue

  19. My #DreamTrip would be to Turkey! I would love to sample the Turkish cuisine, shop till I drop in the famous Istiklal Street in Istanbul, explore the history of Topkapi Palace, admire the breathtaking Blue Mosque, sip on Turkish tea on a Bosphorus cruise, take a hot air balloon ride over the rolling hills of Cappadocia and indulge in Turkish Delight! My #DreamLuggage is metallic blue

  20. My #DreamTrip would be the far-flung new lands – New York City, New Orleans, New Zealand, New Delhi, Newhaven, Newport and Newcastle. With my new #DreamLuggage in Metallic Red, please!

  21. #dreamluggage
    #dreamtrip to Vegas Baby!

  22. My #dreamtrip would be travelling through Europe! I’ve never been overseas, and would love to see the obvious tourist spots! I would love to travel with some red Samsonite luggage – fancy!! 🙂

  23. My #dreamtrip would definitely be a visit to New York, I’ve never been and always wanted too. Another dream destination would be Croatia and of coarse the Amalfi Coast in Italy (because, Italy). Colour of choice: Charcoal

  24. Julie Lunn

    I absolutely love exploring our diverse world and have so many #dreamtrips stored up for the years to come but right now, I’m dreaming of going to see the gorgeous colours and experience the beauty of the tulips flowering in Keukenhof, Holland in mid-April…dreamy. The colours are all beautifully vibrant but for something different to my previous choices, I like the metallic sand.

  25. Spending my days relaxing in the ultimate #DreamTrip destination- Bora Bora. Crystal clear waters, white sands on sun drenched beaches, sipping cocktails and watching the sun set. Bliss.
    The Metallic Black Neopulse range would be the ideal #DreamLuggage to take along on thus trip.

  26. Italy for me, please! Metallic Red.

  27. Shanaaz Matuz

    We all dream of that one special place that we would like to visit but can never afford to go ….

    My dream trip would be the romantic Bora Bora turquoise lagoon in the South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia – in a guest bangalow perched over the water on stilts.

  28. My # dreamtrip, with my Metallic Blue cases, would be to Tuscany.

    1. Monte Carlo… on a yacht! # dream holiday !
      Black Black Black

  29. My #dream trip would be to pack my new samsonite luggage, stuck it in the back of my car in Cape Town and just hit the road for s month exploring our beautiful country-an adventure without a plan, just my luggage, my wheels and a good map.

  30. Gabriella

    My #DreamLuggage would be red, to march my ultimate #DreamTrip – a culinary tour of Sicily, based from Scoglitti and eating with joy with my wonderful husband 🙂 We would of course do some stops at the Godfather filming sites #pilgrimage

  31. Pravina W

    My #DreamTrip would be to meticulously explore lovely Greece with my beautiful choice of Metallic Blue Samsonite® Neopulse™ #DreamLuggage.

  32. Ursula Parfett

    My #Dreamtrip destination is Machu Picchu located in the Cusco Region, Urubamba Province, Machupicchu District in Peru. Situated on a mountain ridge above the Sacred Valley which is 80 km northwest of Cuzco and through which the Urubamba River flows. Often mistakenly referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas”. My #DreamLuggage is metallic blue.

  33. Bella Italia! Where else…my dream trip would be Italy, my parents birth country and a slow trip discovering forgotten villages and incredible food. My #DreamLuggage is Metallic Red.

  34. My #dreamtrip would be with my man, and off we would go to Tokyo, Japan. To experience the culture and sushi, and hope to climb Mount Fuji! A trip like this is a must and we will need luggage that’s robust. That’s where samsonite is best – we would love to put it to the test. With our luggage in silver or black, including one that fits the overhead rack, we will have our #dreamluggage, and together have an amazing dream voyage.

  35. My dream trip would be traveling through Africa. I’d love to go to Kenya and see everything from the beautiful beaches to the lost tribes, travel to Tanzania and Egypt too.

  36. Jackie St Clair Moor

    #Dreamtrip New York in Autumn with my sister and my metallic Red Samsonite.It will be empty going there and our mission would be to see how much shopping we can get into it !! I know we can do it – I know we can :mrgreen:👯🇱🇷

  37. #DreamLuggage Metallic Sand, because I would like to visit our family farm, Tierfontein, and go to the same spot on the farm, there where no access by any vehicle is possible – there where my father ‘braaied’ for us so many Sunday afternoons many years ago when I was still a small child. He carried my sister & me, on his back in a large “meelsak’, with the braai utensils in the picnic basket in the one hand and the food stuff in the other together with mom. I’ll celebrate by braaiing his truly truly delicious ‘skaaptjoppies’ and home baked farmstyle white bread ‘braaibroodjies’.

    Metallic Sand reminds me of the colour of soil on the farm. I believe every person’s heritage is made up of the practices and traditions that are passed on from parents to children. Heritage is also about what has been passed on from the family, community and the place where people have been raised. I want to show pride in what I learned from them and commemorate my late parents’ lives.

  38. Moira Mc Allister

    #MyDreamTrip would be to go to the U. K. as I have family there. I have never been overseas so this would be awesome and I wonderful experience. I would definitely take my daughter with…. My favourite colour is the Metallic Blue….

  39. Lalenthra Naidoo

    My #DreamTrip would be to New York City! Imagine taking my #DreamLuggage for a spin to time square! Visiting Top of the rock at dusk as the the sky changes. A boat ride at night to see the lights of the city dance on the hudson. I wonder what course Display the Empire state building will be?! A broadway play is on my bucket list and so is the Newyork cheese cake and brooklyn pizza:) 9/11 memorial is as must and so is as picture with the Wall Street bull! A run through central park to find strawberry fields and the Alice in wonderland statue and I hope I catch a Basket ball match in Madison square gardens! This city is electrifying, the energy is addictive and there is never a dull moment. I won der which Celebrating I’d bump Into as I sip cocktails on 5th Avenue ♡

  40. Angie Floyd

    My dream trip would be a few months long yoga and diving holiday to Bali, Thailand and Maldives. I believe that the metallic red suitcases will well equip me to take all my luggage, super light weight to withstand long distances and will stand out at the luggage carousel making my trip even more effortless.

  41. My #DreamTrip would be to do some island hopping in the COOK ISLANDS with my better half.
    Endless adventures, stunning lagoons and warm tropical days!

    1. Oops.. my #DreamLuggage colour would be Metallic Silver!

  42. my #dreamtrip would be to zanzibar. have heard a lot about the magical beaches and want to be away from evertything. colour would be metallic silver.

  43. Gabriella

    My #DreamLuggage would be red, to march my ultimate #DreamTrip – a culinary tour of Sicily, based from Scoglitti and eating with joy with my wonderful husband 🙂 We would of course do some stops at the Godfather filming sites #pilgrimage

  44. Jashna Pillay

    Reading your article, I can totally relate! Ever since I’ve been to Germany when I was 16 as an exchange, the travel big has bitten me hard. Recently my mom treated herself and I to a Euro trip to celebrate our birthdays. Now we are planning a trip to Australia and Tasmania which is my ultimate #DreamTrip. I’ve heard that the air is so crisp there and the scenery is out of this world. Really looking forward it and I would LOVE my #DreamLuggage to be in metallic red. Our old bags are battered! Awesome giveaway!

  45. Natali Trepado

    My #DreamTrip would be Mauritius, My #DreamLuggage is Metallic Black! 🙂 Holding thumbs

  46. Sandhaya V Maharajs

    My #DreamTrip would be to the mountains of Kashmir.
    I would go for the Red luggage set.

  47. Sandy Narainsingh

    I would love to be seen with this Silver luggage set in Italy. #DreamTrip

  48. My dream holiday would be a trip through Africa. Starting at the Okavango Delta in Botswana doing a safari on elephant back. Then going up to Zambia to see Victoria falls watching the sunset in the evenings on the Zambezi river, then finally going to see one of my life long dreams, to see the gorillas in Uganda.

  49. Barendina Bals

    I would love the red #DreamLuggage as it represents my love for travel and I would love to take a #DreamTrip to Zanzibar in 2016!

  50. Fred Leclezio

    My #DreamTrip would be a prolonged tour of Europe. From Paris to Bordeaux, Barcelona to Prague, Chamonix to Santorini, Amsterdam to Brussels, Rome to Romania, Berlin to Brugge, Dubrovnik to Istanbul, too many to name here outside of the main centres. A continent filled with history, culture, beautiful architecture and amazing people. The required modes of transport would range from airlines, ferries, trains, taxi’s, busses and my trusty tekkies. Anyone who has travelled like this, bouncing from hotel to ferry to taxi and onwards, knows the value of good luggage. Unfortunately my current Samsonite luggage has seen many miles and better days and is in dire need of an upgrade. Having seen the Neopulse range of Samsonite luggage in store I am confident that this would be my #DreamLuggage and would stand up to the rigours of my #DreamTrip. The metallic red colour would certainly facilitate finding your bag in the madness of the baggage carousel after a long haul.

  51. My #DreamTrip would be New York (shopping, shows and living it up in the Big Apple with a childhood friend living there). I would choose Metallic Red for my #DreamLuggage

  52. Lukas Badenhorst

    #DreamTrip would be Russian Far East for the exquisite nature scenes and the elusive Amur Tiger, we’ll see how the #DreamLuggage holds up in the cold 🙂 !

  53. my #dreamtrip would be to my mother country India I have heard a lot about the Indians and the conditions. Love to visit the beaches, the factories and clothing boutiques

    My colour of my #dreamLuggage would definitely be Metallic Red, cause its outsatanding and eye catching.

  54. Mari-Lise Rabie

    My dream trip with my Metallic Black Samsonite will be to visit the farm lands in Italy and France. Drinking wine, eating olives, breads, cured meats and cheeses between the Olive Orchards and chatting with the locals!

  55. Kathleen Germaine

    #MyDreamTrip would be to the beautiful Thailand i would sooo love to experience the exotic culture and foods. My #DreamLuggage from #Samsonite would make travelling a pleasure!! 😎 see you on the flip side where dreams come true❤👄

  56. Kathleen Germaine

    Oops my #DreamLuggage colour is definately undoubtedly blue!!!

  57. Julie Ann Kreusch

    Wow! ❤ We all love to #Travel and we never have enough #DreamLuggage to pack all our goodies into on our expeditions. My #DreamTrip would be Zanzibar lying on the beach sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun. As they say in Zanzibar Hakuna Matata which means no worries. Yes this is the place I would love ❤ to go.:) #DreamLuggage in the Metalic Black has my name on it. 😉

  58. Christine

    My #DreamTrip would definitely be the chance to spend Christmas next year with my family in Australia. It’s hard to be without them at this time of the year. My #DreamLuggage colour would be Metallic Blue

  59. Bongiwe Mavimbela

    My #DreamTrip would be visiting the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps New York. Oh it would be a dream come true, seeing all the stars of Hollywood, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square. I could count all day all the awesome and exciting stuff I’d love to see. Anyhow my favourite colour that would be fantastic for my #DreamTrip would be Metallic Black even though I’d appreciate any one of those exciting colours

  60. Mari Macdonald

    My #dreamtrip would be a weekend in Venice with my husband followed by a week on an island in Greece (maybe Skiathos) with my mom, husband and kids.
    Metallic Sand would be the colour of my cases.

  61. Carolyn Augustus

    My #DreamTrip would be to the awesome beaches of Madagascar. We never had a honeymoon and promised ourselves that once we can afford it, this is definitely where we’ll be going

  62. Carolyn Augustus

    Would love to win metallic black luggage for my #DreamTrip

  63. My #DreamTrip would be to pack all my nearest in one of your gorgeous Samsonite luggage and take them on a spiritual discovery of our beautiful planet. But I really need the luggage to do this. Sand please!

  64. My #DreamTrip would be to pack my necessities in a blue #Samsonite Neopulse set of luggage and jet off to Scotland.

  65. My #DreamTrip would be a foodie exploration to the hidden gems in New York. As much as I love an island getaway, the big city lights and buzzing city always get me the most excited! #DreamLuggage colour: Metallic Red

  66. My #DreamTrip would be d tour through Africa with focus on beer brands and variety and little luggage on departure and full suitcases (and hard drive with photos) on return.

    Seeing there’s no bright yellow colour option, I’d go for the red suitcases, as I prefer to be able to spot my suitcases from afar on the luggage belt…

  67. Marieza v Zyl

    The #Dreamtrip of experiencing independent communities and their food within countries that have taken living off the grid and/or sustainable green initiatives to another level:
    a) Foraging (and eating) in Copenhagen and visiting the Freetown community collective of Christiania on the outskirts
    b) Auroville in India – an International community built on modern, universal principles where education is just as important as the future survival of the planet
    c) Antartica – a majestic place on earth where silence is still a virtue, before Global Warming takes it toll.

    Shared with a friend of course, to help pack our dreams and adventures into the #Samsonite #DreamLuggage in Metallic Sand & Metallic Red.

  68. Claude Jagers

    My #DreamTrip would be to Mauritius. My visit would include scuba diving, waterskiing and golfing!
    My favourite Samsonite colour is Metallic Blue.

  69. Matthew Reardon

    My #DreamTrip would be sampling cuisine in Thailand, India, Italy, France, and Spain, then ending off with a Tequila binge in Mexico with Samsonite Metallic Sand luggage.

  70. My #dreamtrip would be to Saalbach with my boyfriend who has been dreaming about a return trip and showing me the scenery. It has always been a dream of mine to go skiing and I cant imagine going there with anybody else but him. Since we started dating he has shown me so many beautiful places but Saalbach has been out of our reach. I do believe that in January 2017 if all goes well, we will make this dream come true. The Metallic Red is gorgeous.

  71. Thank you for your entries everyone. There were some amazing #DreamTrips there. I think I might add some of your trips to my bucket list!

    Unfortunately there can only be one winner and by random selection Sandy Narainsingh of Durban is the winner.

    I’m sure Samsonite will be running some more competitions with Relax With Dax in 2016 so don’t go anywhere!

    Wishing you all a fabulous new year.

  72. Patricia Edwards


    1. Sandy Narainsingh

      Thank you Patricia Edwards.
      A big shout out in Thanks to Dax & Samsonite.
      most humbled.☺