Rosé Rocks Competition Results 2015

2015 has given us the first rosé wine competition in South Africa, Rosé Rocks. Something that is much needed considering how popular this style of wine has become. Pink wine is no longer the sweet or semi-sweet wine with which it as for a long time been associated. It is now a sophisticated style of dry wine made from various varieties of grapes, sometimes blended, and using a variety of methods. Some may include the influence of wood as well.

We enjoyed a lunch at the restaurant on the beautiful Cavalli estate and the courses were paired with various rosé wines. I was very impressed with not only the quality of the wines but also their ability to pair with a wide range of foods.

rosé rocks

See all my photos from that fantastic lunch here.

Rosé will be the drink for summer, and here are the best of the best for you to put in your fridge…

Top 10 rosé wines in South Africa 2015:

  • Arabella Pink Panacea 2015
  • Brampton Rosé 2015
  • Eagle’s Cliff Shiraz Rosé 2015
  • Fat Bastard Pinot Noir Rosé 2014
  • Noble Hill Mourvèdre Rosé 2015
  • Noble Savage Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2015
  • Signal Gun Rosé 2015
  • Slanghoek Vinay Rosé Natural Sweet 2015
  • Tamboerskloof Katharien Syrah Rosé 2015
  • Warwick The First Lady Dry Rosé 2015

Top MCC Rosé Wines in South Africa 2015:

1st: Villiera Woolworths Brut Rosé
2nd: Klein Optenhorst Pinot Noir 2012 MCC
3rd: Plettenvale Brut Rosé MCC

Find out more about the competition at the Rose Rocks website.

rose rocks winners