Plush Boutique Carwash review

I recently treated myself to a morning at a spa and walked away from it feeling refreshed and looking new and shiny. When i got into my car I realised that my car needed to get the same sort of treatment. It was looking (and smelling) as tired as I had felt before my spa session.

Normally my car is washed once a week by one of the workers at my apartment block, he gets some extra cash and my car stays reasonably clean. Then once a month I take it to a car wash to be properly washed and vacumed. But it was time for more than just a wash, it was time for a valet.

I remember when I was a kid that my parents took their cars to be valeted once in a while and I loved how clean the car looked and smelled for weeks afterwards. It’s weird how you are more appreciative of your car and careful with it when it is clean.

I decided to check out Plush Boutique car wash because they were the closest I could find. They are on Main Road in Greenpoint, in the basement parking of the building with the Vida and Bravado (ex Melissa’s). I went fairly early on a rainy Saturday, so Plush wasn’t busy. My car went straight into the wash bay and one of the owners, Daniel, offered to show me around while my car was being washed.

There is certainly more to washing cars than I realised. I was exposed to the wide array of machines, tools, soaps and waxes that do much more than just clean a car. Light scratches are removed, the colour is restored and the car is covered with a protective coating.

What impressed me about Plush is that they take pride in their work. They seemed as pleased with my shiny looking car as I was. There are cctv cameras dotted around the wash bays and Daniel keeps his eye on the work being done.

The biggest hassle for me when I wash my car is finding something to do while it’s being washed. I normally need to kill at least an hour and there isn’t anywhere decent for me to go. Most washes at Plush entitle you to a complimentary coffee at Vida upstairs, so you could pass some time at Vida with your laptop or reading the paper. By the time I’d had my coffee and been given the grand tour by Daniel, my car was ready.

Wow, I wanted to frame it. I think if you’re wanting to sell your car, definitely get it valeted and it will sell the same day. My car looked great and smelled rad after they had sprayed the freshner of my choice.

I think I’m going to move my monthly wash from the garage to Plush. They have some memberships for regulars which will reduce the cost. I just hope my car won’t develop a complex being parked next to all those Aston Martins, Porsches and Ferraris which frequent plush.

I went for the special they were offering which was a Wash, Engine Clean, Polish, Vac, Leather conditioner, Wheels, all for R300. The price list is quite long, ranging from interior only (it is winter after all) for R50 all the way through to one serious valet for R600.

What’s nice is that they offer quite a few add on services. They can do fallout removal, scratch repair (paint or wheel rim), even smash & grab laminate protection for your windows. You can also arrange to have your car collected and returned.

If you want to treat you car and make it look like new again, visit Plush.

Plush Boutique Car Wash
Basement parking, Portside Centre
Upper Portswood Road, Greenpoint
021 434 5361


7 responses to “Plush Boutique Carwash review”

  1. I am having serious problems with car washes. These are my last three experiences:
    1) Shell carwash in Sea Point – I had just collected my car from the panel beater where they fixed a few scratches. I took it to the shell carwash afterwards for a valet – and they returned it with a scratch that went right to the metal!

    2) Other carwash at Waterfront – dented my door.
    3) Hannibals in Cavendish – broke my key – how do you do that!!!

    These are my last three experiences. Extremely expensive after having to fix up after these mistakes!

  2. That’s weird that all the bad things happen to you. I don’t think anything has ever happened to my car when being washed, especially at Plush.

  3. Hey,remember there is another carwash that recently opened at the waterfront(opp two oceans aquarium)and they are the advice and phenomenal results!!!

  4. Andrea

    Very happy with the service at Plush! Customer service top notch.

  5. Plush sucks. I went there today and they left me sitting the car for ages, then some guy walks up to me, mutters something, then sees a Porche pull in behind me and decides to serve him first and leave me sitting in the car. So Porche out ranks Merc obviously. They have some form of internal car pecking order and they wont get my money or touch my car This town is filled with car washes that are much cheaper including ones that come to your house and don’t treat you like a piece of sh*t. The arrogance in this town, they would never get away with that service overseas.

  6. anonymous

    The carwash opposite the aquarium, the owners and employees have absolutely no integrity and sense of taking ownership for their mishaps (would like to use another word. Took vehicle there. they dropped it as to my experience and visible damage and told me a different story. still awaiting the payment to damage but i guess ill have to write it off. i think the carwash name is EXOTIC CAR WASH….stay away. PLUSH is better


    Anon – How did they manage to DROP your car???
    Those dudes must pump serious weights