Peroni Party review



I don’t review every single party I attend but I want to review this particular event in the hope that event organisers will take some notes and improve the quality of their events. Free food and free alcohol mixed with some music and some pretty people does no longer a memorable event make.

This was the first party I have been to in a long time which was actually interesting and will stick in my memory because of that (this is not the Peroni party that happened at the Grand in Granger Bay recently, this was the Peroni end of year event in December).  When we registered our attendance we had to rate our interest in cars, food and fashion. We learned later that this dictated the colour wristband we would receive on arrival at the Nautilus yacht. That’s correct, the party was on a yacht. Good start.

For the first hour or two we drank Peroni and mingled, then we were informed that we would be having a different experience depending on the colour band we had received. Some would be taken for a spin in a Maserati or Ferrari, others would enjoy a cooking demonstration of some easy to prepare, but interesting and tasty Italian dishes and the last group would have a session with an image consultant.

I managed to do two of the three activities. I skipped the car ride as I’ve been in a few Italian supercars before. I first joined the chef in the galley as he demonstrated how to make a quick and easy pasta which was super tasty. He answered questions and shared some useful tips. Then I waited for an opening and had a session with the image consultant who said I look great. Thanks very much. He also gave me some tips and interesting information on dressing for my body type, complexion, etc. We also chatted about body language and tried on some accessories to see what looked good on me.

We ended off by drinking some more Peroni and chatting about the experiences we had just enjoyed. Then we said our goodbyes and went our way. The party was fairly short, people didn’t get drunk, and the snacks were pretty basic, but as I said, it was one of the best functions I’ve been to in a while. I really hope more functions are this interesting in future.


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  1. probably a few people realize that the Peroni sold in SA is not the real Peroni Nastro Azzurro from Italy, but it’s made here by SAB.. and it tastes a bit different…

    1. Yes, it’s produced by SAB but the maize and hops are imported from Italy and are the same as used to make Peroni in Italy.