New Mazda 3 Launched

When I was asked to write about Mazda, I thought it would be a tough gig. I don’t write much about cars and I’ve never owned a Mazda.Then I did a Google image search for Mazda, and seeing all the cars they have produced over the years made me realise that Mazdas have been a part of my life all along.

In fact, the first car I ever wanted was a Mazda 323. I was young, only a few years into junior school. My father was good at fixing cars, but for him they were just for getting from A to B. Even though we lived in Port Elizabeth and my father produced components for the car industry, there were no car magazines on our coffee table and I could barely tell one car brand from another. So it was strange that I suddenly liked this little Mazda 323. It was a cute car, but perhaps the fact that I had a crush on the teacher who drove it had something to do with it too. But you have to admit, it was a cute car (and that’s not my teacher, by the way!).


Then there was the Mazda bakkie that a friend of mine drove while I was at university in Durban. That trusty steed took us everywhere from down the Natal coast for surf trips to the Drakensberg for weekend hikes. During that time I learnt 2 things about bakkies, 1) they are very useful and 2) you don’t want one because people call you to come help them move something every single day!


Then there was the MX6. Also when I was living in Durban, my friend’s father owned a Mazda MX6. When he was away we would take it for a spin. That was my first experience in a proper fast car. It was low and sleek and it went really fast. I learnt that girls may not know much about cars, but sports cars get their attention.


Then lately I started noticing Mazdas because they have been making some potent looking cars. Mazda has ended their partnership with Ford (I have to admit that I did  not know they had a partnership with Ford) and have just launched the new Mazda 3. So that little Mazda 323 that I thought was so cool when I was a kid, is now all grown up and looks like this…


Wow, like I said, they are making some very potent looking cars. I can tell you that I liked the little Mazda 30+ years ago and I still like what they are doing. This is the advert for the new Mazda3. It’s pretty cool.

I know you want to test drive the new Mazda3, and you can. Just click this link for details. You can read all about the new Mazda3 and the other models in the Mazda range at the Mazda website.

I like where Mazda design is going and while I was doing research for this article I stumbled across this pic of the new RX9. This is basically my new dream car. I may not have owned a Mazda before, but I hope I do one day.

Mazda RX9

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