Nag’s Head review

I’m a fan of the Noordhoek Farm Village. When circumstances allow, I try and get out there for a breakfast or lunch at either Cafe Roux, or The Food Barn. I was aware of the Nag’s Head pub next door to Cafe Roux, but had never visited it. I had my first opportunity to do so this past weekend.

I arrived late afternoon on a sunny saturday afternoon and made my way upstairs to the bar. The Nag’s Head is housed in a thatched farm style building which, combined with a big fireplace, makes it very cosy. Seeing as this was a particularly pleasant day, I ordered a pint of beer and found myself a table outside on the deck. It was very pleasant out there, with the sunshine and the trees and a lack of high rise buildings. So I decided to stay out there for a while.

Later on, more friends joined us and we headed downstairs for dinner at the restaurant. The service was friendly and competent. I ordered the grilled hake with salad (R59) and a side order of fried calamari (R18.50). My food was fine, nothing to rave about but nothing wrong with it. I tasted the pizza (R60) that was ordered next to me and that was quite good with a nice thin base. I also had a taste of the springbok & guinness pie (R68) which was quite nice but very peppery. I saw someone at the table had the ribs & chips (R100) but I didn’t get any feedback on it.

I tried the pecan pie (R30) for dessert, but it wasn’t that great. Those who ordered the lemon meringue (R30) were very happy and so was I when they couldn’t finish it because it was so huge and I got to help them. I didn’t get to look at the wine list as we brought our own wine and the corkage was R20 per bottle.

We enjoyed our experience at the Nag’s Head. I believe that on some nights they have live music and on Sundays they do a carvery for R90. They also have bar snacks and TVs for watching sport.

If I lived in Noordhoek, I would definitely hang out at the Nag’s Head. Unfortunately as I stay in Seapoint, I will only get to visit occasionally.

Nag’s Head Restaurant & Pub
Noordhoek Farm Village
021 789 2973


2 responses to “Nag’s Head review”

  1. Hi Dax,

    I can’t help but thinking after reading this review that possibly the fire is burning less bright when it comes to reviewing food for this article. The waning effect of Earthlings perhaps?

    Or maybe I’m just used to your amazing writing on other reviews!

    Either way – i love the restaurant reviews, I don’t go to a place unless I’ve read a favourable review from you.

  2. Thanks Reto, glad to hear that you’re liking the reviews. Perhaps you are correct, that I didn’t interrogate the food as much as I usually do. There are 2 probable reasons for this:

    Dining out is an experience and the food is a part of that but sometimes a smaller part than other times. There are many other factors such as the environment, the people, etc. The food at the Nag’s Head wasn’t amazing, but overall it was a nice experience. I wouldn’t drive there for it, but if I was in the area, it would hold appeal.

    The other possible reason that my reviews might sometimes lack depth is that I like to enjoy myself when I’m out. It’s difficult to concentrate on every aspect of the place and analyse the menu and the food and the wine list while still enjoying everyone’s company. It’s kinda like taking photos, it seems when you stop to take photos, you extract yourself from the moment. This is why I seldom take photos.

    I think sometimes I can over analyse things, breaking everything down into star ratings instead of just allowing the experience as a whole to influence me. This is why the star ratings are for the restaurant generally rather than for value, service, food, etc, etc. One restaurant might be a 7 out of ten because the food is good, another because it’s really good value.

    Every 7 has value, each in its own way.

    Thanks again for the comment, feel free to let me know if your experiences match mine at the various places you visit.