Maestro’s review

I haven’t been to Maestro’s in Kloof Street for a while, but the last time I went is wasn’t bad. They have a wide menu with reasonable prices and the place has a nice ambiance. So when someone suggested we go there for some dinner the other night, I wasn’t unhappy about the idea.

Turns out I should have been. There were 5 of us and I must say there were not many complaints, although my fellow diners on this occasion were not the complaining type. I must say that my lamb shank (R75) was a horrible meal. It was tender, but most people seem to be able to get that right (except that one time at Strega). The main problem was that it was cold! Yes, cold. Some of it was lukewarm. The veggies (peas and carrots) were limp and dry. They reminded me of leftover frozen veggies. I can’t talk about the food anymore, it’s making me angry.

The waitress was friendly and fairly efficient, but there was some weird vibe where the manager told her to tell me that there were no more bottles of the wine I was drinking when there actually were. I still don’t know what that was about.

Next time someone suggests we go there, I think I will suggest somewhere else.