Launch of Sapphire cocktail bar

When I received the invite to the launch of Sapphire, they gave the address on the Camps Bay strip but I couldn’t for the life of me work out where it was. Then they let it slip that it was the old Baraza. I don’t know why they didn’t just say so in the beginning, I guess they were trying to make the point that it’s a new place.

The launch was a most enjoyable event as is often the case when there are free cocktails all night. However, it wasn’t just the cocktails that made the event as enjoyable as it was, they also had Nick Matthews playing some very funky tunes.

The layout of the place is basically the same as Baraza was, but they have made some changes to the decor. The wood has been painted white (or maybe silver if you look closely) which makes the place much lighter and summery. In addition they have some new modern looking furniture and some very cool light fittings and other pieces hanging from the ceiling. The press release describes it as ‘contemporary chic’.

They have a large cocktails list with some signature cocktails for those who like to try something new. They ranged from R30 to R50 each. Food is also available and is prepared by the Blues kitchen next door (same owners).

I enjoyed the launch and ended up leaving quite late and a large number of cocktails happier. But I ended up back at Sapphire the next Sunday, after lunch at The Roundhouse Rumbullion. Which means I can tell you about more than just the opening. The place was quite full, which is a good sign although it meant that my group of ten had to stand at the bar as there were no seats available. However, I mentioned to the hostess that we would like a table if one became available and they kindly organised a large table for us within about twenty minutes.

The music was initially quite harsh, especially for a pleasant summer afternoon. Fortunately the DJ finished his set and the replacement DJ played more funky tunes (or maybe the tequila blacks were making the music sound better, I’m not sure). We had a fun time and were quite impressed at how reasonably priced the drinks were. Feedback from my group was that they liked the place and would definitely return.

Sapphire Cocktail Bar
Camps Bay


2 responses to “Launch of Sapphire cocktail bar”

  1. Harold Fermicy

    I have to say, my overall experience was nothing like the review above.

    i had a very unpleasant afternoon there as the food which is normaly very good was uncooked and the cocktails lacked taste,
    I spoke to the manager who had an excuse for every problem but no solution.

    If it was handling more professionally i would have given them another try, but sorry not again.