KWV Champagne Party



KWV are raising awareness around their Lifestyle range of wines. So they approached some bloggers and gave us some wine and told us to enjoy it. I decided to have a champagne party because I just love the sound of champagne corks popping.

So I invited some friends around for a braai and we popped corks all night. I used some of the champagne to make cocktails which went down well. I also organised some dessert from Caffe Milano which went very well with the champagne.

For those that were not keen on champagne, we had the KWV pinotage rose and the KWV chenin/chardonnay blend on ice.

It was a very successful evening, with the last people leaving around 2am!  Below are some pictures of the evening. You’ll notice that the fancy dress box got pulled out at some point in the evening. There are also some video of myself explaining why I chose to have a champagne party, an explanation of the champagne cocktails and an introduction to the impressive dessert.