Just Jinjer concert at Dunes



I went to the Just Jinjer concert at Dunes yesterday. Like all the previous years, it was a fantastic experience. You can’t really go wrong, holding an open air concert in Hout Bay. Dunes is a good venue because there is a lot of open space outside and there are multiple levels so there are many vantage points. The only complaint I have about the venue is the toilets, they need a lot more. Also the food is a bit of a disaster but I suppose with that many people, it’s difficult to stay on top of things.

It was a beautiful day and being in Hout Bay meant that every time I happened to look around, I was mesmerised by the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately there were some clouds in the distance which obscured the sunset, but apart from that it was a picture perfect day which I did not take any pictures of! Could people who have pics of the day please email them to me so I can put them in the gallery.

The concert itself was cool. Just Jinjer is a good act. I don’t know any of their new stuff so distracted myself with cold Amstel but at the end they played the 3 songs I know. Another quality Cape Town band.

What a fabulous event. If they have it again next year, make sure you go. And pre-book your tickets or get there before 3pm because they sell out. A lot of people had to watch from the dunes, which is not a bad option with a picnic but there is no toilet for you then.