J&B Met review



This year was my 7th consecutive J&B Metropolitan, and it was a great day, as usual. I have tackled the Met in many different ways over the years, from paying large amounts of money to have a table in a tent with food and drinks etc, to sneaking in through a hole in the fence with a cooler bag of drinks. No matter how I tackle it, the best part of the Met is walking around and bumping into people I know. It’s like a lucky packet of people, you never know who you’re going to see.

This year we bought our tickets and wandered around chatting to people and visiting tents, finally ending up in the Equus tent for a bit of an after party. The heat was intense for most of the afternoon, so we might have done a little less wandering than usual. Everybody was in a festive mood and there were so many beautiful girls that I’m thinking of buying a horse. Where are all these girls every other day of the year?

Apparently there were horse races again this year, do they do that every year? Anyway, they didn’t detract from my fun. There was apparently a roadblock somewhere nearby, so I hope not too many people had a bad end to the night. I think it was the busiest night of the year for the BP up the road, they looked like they were running out of pies. It was busy but not as busy as ‘Club Engen’ in Gardens most nights after midnight.

So, there it is, another Met under the belt. I’ve never had a bad one. I’m looking forward to next year’s already. A little hint: look out for the Relax with Dax tent next year. I have some photos from my phone, but they’re not great. I will post more photos as and when people send them to me. Click on the Gallery link on the right or click here if you are confused.