best burgers in cape town

Hartenberg Seeks Best Homemade Hamburger

My post on Cape Town’s best burger spots got a lot of attention. Some people agreed with me, others were horrified that their favourite burger spot was not on the list. My response to the latter being that it’s not my fault they can’t differentiate between an average burger and a brilliant burger. But a response that I got very often was that the best burgers are made at home. Judging by the number of people that told me that, we have a very large section of the population that makes the most amazing burgers at home!

Well, now is their chance to prove it!

Hartenberg is looking for the best homemade burger and when they find it, they will handsomely reward the creator and put their name up in lights.

best burgers in cape town


How To Enter

It’s easy to enter. Just follow these steps:

Submit your hamburger recipe + a picture of your creation + your choice of Alchemy wine which pairs best with your burger.

You can find out more about the Alchemy range of wines at the Hartenberg website.

To ‘beef’ up your entry, include a short motivation as to why the wine you chose pairs so well with your burger + include an interesting short story about the burger, eg. How did you come up with the recipe? What’s the secret ingredient? Anything interesting.

Hartenberg will be sharing the best entries on its social media channels so get creative!

The deadline for entries is 28th August 2015. Six finalists will go through to a cook-off at Hartenberg on 24th September, Heritage Day.


1st Prize: Recognition as the creator of the best homemade burger + 36 bottles of Alchemy wine + a burger meal at Hartenberg restaurant with 9 buddies + the winning creation will be featured on the Hartenberg restaurant menu for a year*.

2nd Prize: Recognition as the creator of nearly the best homemade burger + 24 bottles of Alchemy wine + a burger meal at Hartenberg restaurant with 5 buddies.

Now those are prizes worth playing for!

Judging Criteria

  1. Appearance: presentation.
  2. Manageability: size, handling, messiness.
  3. Patty: tastiness, cooking temperature, size
  4. Bun/Banting option: size, presentation and in relation to the patty, tastiness, does it survive eating the whole burger with hands.
  5. Flavour & texture: Taste, mouth feel, flavour.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only email entries will be accepted;
  • The judges’ decision is final;
  • No correspondence will be entered into with the judges;
  • Should you reside outside the Western Cape, Hartenberg Wine Estate will undertake to fund one return air ticket to the cook off on 24 September, as well as airport transfers and overnight accommodation;
  • This competition is not open to Hartenberg Wine Estate employees and their direct family members, directors, affiliates, employees of the promoters or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by Hartenberg Wine Estate;
  • Recipes and photographs entered become the property of Hartenberg Wine Estate to use for social media and other brand awareness;
  • Food costs per burger should not exceed R50;
  • *The winning recipe may be adapted for commercial application in the Hartenberg restaurant kitchen;

More details at the Hartenberg website.

Get involved on social media, follow Hartenberg on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #MakingMagic